February 05, 2014

Everything I like is from 2008

marc by marc jacobs finch charm
(Although this was originally sold in 2012, it is one of my most recent purchases)

My shopping wish list has been looking pretty sparse lately. Granted, I don't have a lot of free time in which to browse aimlessly online or in store. Without a local Saks (where I'd try on new arrivals to see what size I'd need and stalk until sale time) and without much luring me to the brick and mortar Anthropologie locations nearby, I am basically relegated to searching for "the ones that got away." Practically this means I occasionally browse ebay, outnet, and yoox with little success. It's good for my bank account at least. But wardrobe-wise I'm feeling a little ... stale for lack of better word.

It seems like most of the pieces that are my favorites came out between 2008 and 2011 and I've worn them again and again and again. During that time frame, it felt as though Kate Spade, Marc by Marc Jacobs, See by Chloé, and Anthropologie had limitless dresses and coats and bags that were so "me." Maybe what is "me" is now dated? Maybe I'm not finding much that appeals to me because I am older? Maybe it's because I'm a mom now and have less time to follow trends? Maybe it's because many of my favorite blogs are now defunct or radio silent? I'm sure that the seasons have something to do with it, since I typically find less to covet from spring lines.

No matter the reason, I have a stack of languishing gift cards to prove that nothing is drawing me to shop of late. Even when I find something I like, the details are wrong. For example, it seems like every recent Kate Spade shirt dress has been sleeveless. Sleeveless is not my favorite look, especially coupled with a button front. Something about it feels very 90s and it's not for me. There was one Marc by Marc dress that caught my eye but upon further inspection it has a deal-breaking (for me) high/low hemline.

I first tried on the dress in the photo during my trip to San Diego in April 2012 (reviewed here). I tracked it down in early December 2013 and it's my most recent wardrobe purchase. The wait between trying it on and buying it off ebay allowed me to be certain it was something I actually wanted. But part of that want became amplified due to lack of alternative wants. I wonder if this is my new normal? Or if it's just the cycling of trends that currently contradicts my personal taste in clothes? At any rate, the cold coupled with my closet monotony make me less inclined than usual to snap photos of what I've worn. So apologies for the sporadic posting... Hopefully a burst of creativity will strike me and I'll at least become less blasé about changing how I've worn what I've already worn a bunch.


thatdamngreendress said...

I know what you mean- it's funny how it's so clear what we're looking
for and yet so hard for retailers and designers to offer them. I guess
because there's pressure to always push in new directions, with tweaks
and innovations. Yeesh- I just ask for a nice print, easy full-skirted
shirtdress styles. Too often they're ruined by being ridiculously
short, and so often sleeveless. I feel like in the high fashion realm
they're still making amazing pieces that are both ladylike and edgy-
modern with a vintage vibe. Unfortunately everyone else seems to be
going the forever 21 route- short, poly and ridiculous (though actually
F21 has some rather nice boho dresses right now, in poly granted, but
with a nice feel!)

I've never had so few dresses on my anthro wishlist...sigh. Glad you tracked down this cute dress!

Gnome Lover said...

The dress is really great. I can see why you tracked it down.

I have felt the same way lately. I want fun prints. Feminine details that seem modern Victorian with a twist. And I don't do sleeveless either. I never feel comfortable in them.

Fingers crossed they are all sitting on the good stuff that has yet to come out!


mark a. said...

you always look gorgeous! if it comes from another year, so be it! wear it well and wear it often, pretty lady! have a very happy valentine's day!


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