June 16, 2014

Last backlog OOTD

I am nearly through my backlog of outfits from tights season. It took my long enough! I wore this to another long day on campus for teaching, meetings, and presentations. I like this Kate Spade dress and hope to someday find it for a reasonable price in the tiny owl print mustard yellow colorway. I have a saved search on ebay but have yet to see it pop up. My only gripe about this dress is that the little round buttons sometimes pop open. If the fabric pulls at all because I'm getting up from kneeling to say something to Emilia, and I catch the hem along the way, buttons open. I hate that. I love pretty bead buttons but would trade them for flat practical ones if I could.

Kade Spade dress
Gap cardigan (looks sheer due to camera flash but is not sheer in person)
Spanx tights
Marc Jacobs owl flats
Michael Kors watch
Bonus glasses glare from indoor photo (Apologies! It was pouring rain that day and I was too busy to review photos. Some days, it is hard enough to justify indulging my desire to take them in the first place).

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