August 11, 2014

Outfit for a Summer Wedding

I feel like a broken record but I have been in a shopping slump. I am not sure if it is my work schedule this summer (balancing writing projects while developing an app to help moms meet other moms), some  body image stuff I have been trying to work through, the summer season (when I tend to want and buy the least clothing), or that the trends just don't align with my tastes. Perhaps it is a combination of everything?

Above is my "wow I look tired!" selfie. Regardless, when it was time to decide on what to wear to the second wedding  I attended this summer, I went with the same old standby I had worn the month prior. Although each of these were family weddings, none of the guests overlapped except for my date. This made it a bit easier to repeat the dress. 

And even though my dress was a rerun, I was able to borrow a new set of beautiful costume jewelry pieces from Perfect Details. This helped me up the outfit excitement level for sure. Lisa from Perfect Details made the selections based on my dress and she did an amazing job styling me! I highly recommend contacting her if you are having any difficulty accessorizing a look for a wedding, whether you are a guest or the bride-to-be picking for yourself or your bridesmaids.

I am in love with these gorgeous pieces from the Sorrelli Stardust Collection! They really sparkled and it was so fun to get to wear them. I felt so glam! But what was even more exciting for me was that it was Emilia's very first wedding!

She loved it! She was enthralled during the ceremony. She was excited to see so many little kids running around during cocktail hour. She enjoyed feasting from our dinner plates, the Pittsburgh cookie table, and the wedding cake. And her absolute favorite part was the dancing.

We got this family photo during cocktail hour. She is making a shy face because she only just met the cousin who took the picture. So far I have three more weddings on the docket through the rest of 2014. Maybe I will be able to find a new dress or two before the big days? We'll see. Thanks again to Perfect Details for accessorizing me!

Outfit details:
Nanette Lepore Ottoman dress (old)
Marc by Marc Jacobs pumps (also old)
Sorrelli Stardust Collection necklace, earrings, bracelets, and ring from Perfect Details

On Chris: Shipley and Halmos suit; Rag and Bone shirt; Vintage tie
On Emilia: Hartstrings dress; Stride Rite Mary Janes; bow and socks from Gymboree


Sharon said...

that dress looks smashing on you jess!

sarah a. said...

I think the dress is beautiful and that you look great in it!

mark a. said...

oh wow! what a beautiful lady you are and what a very lovely family picture, too!


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