January 20, 2018

Hello Darkness, My Old Blog

Baby Boden Bunny Dress
Photos by my friend Erin.

It's been so long. Wow having two kiddos and a career and a life to balance and a house to restore/renovate are NO JOKE! Major props to the people who make it look easy and still carve out space for their own interests and hobbies. I know this is a season of life that is short but I miss blogging so I am going to try to get back into the occasional habit of posting an outfit or two.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Paisley Dress

Marc by Marc Jacobs paisley dress
Wearing an old favorite MBMJ dress. The girls are in Boden. 
It's a lot easier to snap kid outfit pics that my own. They're kids so they're cute and everything looks good on them. But all is well. AND I GOT TENURE!!!! So I need to update my bio. Not sure if anyone still checks in here but hello, if you do!!

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