March 02, 2009

Mail Call Makes It Easy To Come Home! Wolfords, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Jack Spade

Whenever I travel I request that the postal carrier (via the USPS website) to hold my mail so I can pick it up all at once when I return. The anticipation of getting a week's mail in one giant stack consumes me during the often bittersweet voyage home. This time was no different. When I got back from NYC I went to the post office eager for what had accumulated, which included a few packages.

Among the items included some discount hosiery. I wore these heart print Wolford tights in Thyme (green) with a Diane von Furstenberg Nadine dress, BCBG ruffled pumps, and a Marc by Marc Jacobs softy max purse to teach my Advertising class at Pitt last Thursday.

They were custom purchased for me by Clara on Fashionism from TJ Maxx. She shipped them swiftly and included a sweet note. I was so excited to get them when I got home from New York. I love them and have worn them a bunch already! They are pretty versatile for a printed style in a unique color.

I also came home to an "extra 50% off sale" order in which I bought this Marc by Marc Jacobs Dita Lace Dress.

I love the layers of pleated lace at the collar, cuffs, and hem. I've already worn it a few times, usually with colored tights, and double strap mary janes. It was my OOTN to Chris's birthday party, and for my Tuesday classes, and it has elicited many compliments.

I wasn't the only one who came home to packages. Chris's order from the online sample sale website, Gilt Groupe (click for an invite), arrived. He got an incredible deal on a Jack Spade tech bag.

He hasn't used it yet because he also got a Fred Perry messenger bag for his birthday. But it will be a great option in his growing manbag collection. :)

To come home to these packages in addition to the stacks of magazines and mail and can be exhilarating. But I am going to need to curb my consumption to make up for a rather spendy February and early March!


May Kasahara said...

I am in love with the MbyMJ dress
it looks AMAZING on you.


Unknown said...

i checked out your blog for the first (maybe second?) time and was quite surprised (happily of course) to see my name. :) those heart tights look awesome on you!!

HMcK said...

How exciting, for some reason there's something incredibly thrilling about receiving goodies in the post! (or maybe that's just me...)
Your class sounds fascinating aswell, I'm actually working on a project based around 'taste' as a concept in advertising at the moment so plenty of Bourdieu and Kant!

H :-0

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

MayK, thank you for the compliment! I feel like a victorian goth in it. haha

Clara, It's hilarious that your first visit included a shoutout to you! :) Thanks again!

Harry, I'd love to read your paper. I use Wacquant's writing with Boudieu on reflexivity, and Bourdieu's notions of taste and non-financial forms of capital in addition to his critiques of neoliberalism often in my scholarship. The ad history and criticism class is going really well. The undergraduates seem to enjoy it! My other class is just an intro to media studies in which we talk about Marx, Foucault, Gramsci, and a few other key players, in addition to examining issues of representation through the work of feminist theorists like Patricia Hill Collins. Thanks for reading! I look forward to reading your blog, too!


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