April 28, 2009

Full skirted spring jacket beauty: Jillian Lewis

The gals over at Fashionism posted a beautiful coat recently photographed on Beyonce. I am not usually a "omg must have what celeb has" kind of gal but this coat was really something.
That hemline. That fabric. Those cuffs. All of it was simply stunning. I remembering wishing I could have seen it closed on her. And I wished I could have seen it from the back.

Eventually ATDOW posted that it appeared as though Jillian Lewis of former Project Runway fame designed it, or at least something quite similar. And as a result I got to see some specs on approximate price, how it could look from behind, how it would look buttoned, etc.

A less expensive looking version was for sale on Searle NYC's website, for a MINT. $1498, to be exact. If this one is $1.5k, I can't imagine how expensive Beyonce's would be!!

They're both gorgeous but when you have the immediate reference photos handy, it is obvious that one is of significantly higher quality. The additional ruffle layer and the color and finish of the fabric on Beyonce's are indicative of an even heftier price tag than the Searle garment above, which is still quite lovely.

I wonder what the Forever 21 version will look like once the inevitable trickle down economics of fast fashion spring into action? I have to be honest. If it looks half as nice as either of these, I might break my moratorium on buying F21 clothing. Just this weekend I broke my moratorium on F21 shopping, by accumulating four of their finest superfluous, Blair Waldorf-inspired headbands.

Sadly, I will have to let the Jillian Lewis version pass me by because even if the economy yields a space for epic spring sales, this coat would have to be at least 85% off to be justifiable.


Chloe said...

Ohhhh, that coat is lovely. Come on F21, get crackin' on a copy!

Miss Yaya said...

though i agree wit you, something tells me i won't look so smashing in it meself lol

Dream Sequins said...

Interesting... You can tell that the fabric on the Beyonce version is must softer and pricier as well. Oh to be a pop star!

Michael said...

Knowing full well exactly how this sounds, I must say: That jacket is GORGEOUS!

Haute World said...

It's a beautiful coat Beyonce's wearing (the other one is too shiny for me), but I probably wouldn't shell out more than high street price for something that isn't a classic. I think those ruffles and details will get old really fast. Unfortunately I also think that it's precisely these details that F21 will get wrong and end up making the outfit look cheap (if they ever do attempt an imitation). Sigh - I guess I'll have to stick to classic trench coats.

Carol Jeandel said...

so gorgeous coat those i would add to my list ,this week :)

Jennifer Nicole said...

Wow - that jacket really is beautiful. I bet Nordies will have a less-expensive version within a couple of months...they usually bring in mid-range designers for that kind of thing, you know?

Sonya (aka gannet_guts) said...

Oh my. I have a ruffly coat already, but this one is much rufflier (so not a word). Oh, for lots and lots of money.

Ashley said...

Beautiful coat! Love the giant matching umbrella too! And LoL at it having to be at least 85% off... for me I'd need it to be like 99% off to afford it haha!


Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you all for your comments!!

I agree with Miss yaya that it can be hard to rationalize adding volume to the lower half of the body but I do it in the winter and I am not tiny.

Ashley, it would have to be more than 85% off for me too... my sale math was miscalculating! haha

Sonya, I am DYING to see your ruffly coat!

Michael and An Carol, isn't it just stunning?!

Dream Sequins and the Haute Shopper are spot on in realizing that an inexpensive copy will probably not do the look justice compared to Beyonce's gorgeous version.

But like Jennifer Nicole and Chloe, I await the possibility of a knock off... just to see!


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