August 07, 2010

Not Always In Fashion

I went to the Bucco game the other night because my friend Taylor (via her supervisor at work) had fantastic seats right behind home plate. It was a great game and we beat the Rockies. Afterwards we all went to Remember When, this cute little spot in Windgap that is home to Pittsburgh's biggest ice cream cone.

That night I definitely dressed more casual than I typically do, even for baseball. It wasn't that warm so I can't blame the weather. Still, as the dog days of summer drag on, I find myself reaching for comfort items rather than focusing on fashion. I can't wait for fall and keep envisioning the combinations I can assemble to transition many finds from the last few months into cooler climes. And the anticipation over that has negatively leeched my enthusiasm for summer clothing. How are you keeping it fashionable as you wait eagerly for sweater weather?


Sahiti said...

here in the Bay Area it is sweater weather! I can't wait until I go back to Vermont where it's actually summer :)

SunnyDay said...

You look so cute!


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