November 10, 2010

Quick OOTD: More Paisley

I must be on a paisley kick because I wore this Tibi scarf tie dress within days of wearing another paisley dress. The early morning process of choosing an outfit is probably to blame. Although I like that my day finishes early, I am not the most creative dresser when I am sleepy. I really should become better at picking things the night prior. Though my indecision can be even worse when I don't need to leave right away. I try to pull a few things before bedtime then decide specifics on the fly.

I am wearing:
Tibi dress
Ferragamo Varina flats
Marc by Marc Jacobs cashmere cardigan
Tibi Coat (similar "Dusk Ruffle Coat" here)

Anyway, I have a large backlog of comments I need to which I want to respond. I apologize for how poorly I have become about conversing with readers through comments. I read and appreciate every one I receive and if there isn't an immediate question I don't end up replying right away. Things have been so busy lately that I find myself having to choose between reading other blogs and managing my own. Being the consummate procrastinator and lover of eye candy, I typically choose to read other blogs from my blogroll.  But I am going to make a conscious effort to be better about doing both.


Marianne said...

You are really making me covet that coat. I have trouble dressing creatively early in the morning, as well. I really do my best when I plan an outfit the night before.

SunnyDay said...

I am definitely a night before planner. I lay everything out so all I need to do is jump into it in the morning. I seem able to chose at night, whereas in the morning I stand for ages looking at options.

I'm such a paisley fan, I really love this dress Jess. The MJ cardigan is gorgeous too.

Anonymous said...

Haha I often struggle with this exact dilemma - I always feel too tired/lazy/unmotivated to pick out my outfit the night before, but I am always much happier with it when I do.

(And I am loving your paisley dresses!)

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Marianne, thanks so much! The coat is super versatile and because I have been lazy so far and not yet unpacked my other coats from storage, it has been my go to piece this fall.

Desert Flower, I need to try to do that too. Night before makes so much more sense! Thanks for the compliment.

Anotherfishinthesea, glad to hear I am not alone in my morning struggle and evening laziness. haha Thank you for reading!


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