April 26, 2011


Marc by Marc Jacobs dress and cardigan
Chie Mihara pumps

When rooting through my stuff to determine what should stay and what should go, I realized that for a while when I found a deal on ebay I had deal-goggles. They are much like sale goggles in that you see the price before you see the piece and how it will fit into your wardrobe. For a very long time Marc by Marc Jacobs in particular was my deal goggle vice. At this point, it is time to cull my collection and only keep those pieces that I truly love. Many very lovely but not-often-worn MBMJ items are now listed on the Shop Jesspgh blog at deal-goggle-discounted prices. And the older listed items have been reduced too.

The above is one of those brand-centric outfits that leads to fangirl accusations. Maybe it is true! But I thought these pieces were hilariously matchy matchy. And because they came out during the same season (Spring 2010) they were likely intended as such.


overcaffeinated said...

I love this outfit! I would be a fangirl too if I looked as good as you did in MbyMJ.

carol_prettythings said...

Jess, I love this outfit, actually! I really wanted that dress myself, but what with all my indiscriminate Anthro-spending last year, I missed out. Oh weeell....as they say, there's always another pretty dress, right? I hope you're keeping these two pieces - they're just too adorable, fan-girlish or not. =)

JewishGirl said...

I absolutely adore this. It doesn't look too matchy-matchy to me at all; they complement each other very well.

Now excuse me while I mosey over to your sale blog...


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