April 21, 2011

Tied Down dress review

I was drawn to this pretty, feminine basic when I saw the springy salmon color of the Tied Down dress. It also comes in navy which would possibly be more versatile for a wider range of closets. I like that the dress is basically a blank canvas on which you can accessorize. And I don't own much in this muted pinky red so I skipped the navy and grabbed an 8. The fit was a bit roomy but I didn't have time to try the 6. I liked the pockets. Although the shoulder ties are a cute feature for warm days, I am a perpetual layer-er. Therefore, I have grown wary of puffy sleeves, shoulder decorations, and other things that add bulk under a form-fitting cardigan. I think my favorite design feature of this dress is the cowl neckline because it would look so nice peaking out from underneath a layer. The retail on this one is reasonable enough that it might not make it to sale. Because my impression of this dress was only good and not great/must have, I am going to hold off and revisit if it does.


Terri said...

Oh, this is one I might buy. Price?

A Stylized Hysteria said...

You're completely right about it being a blank canvas. It fits well and could work in a million different outfits. I think you should grab it if it goes on sale!


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