May 14, 2011

Mystery Money OOTD and how I'm curbing my consumption

Nanette Lepore You'll Be Mine dress
Forever 21 belt
Coach sequined captoe flats
Michael Kors Calista hobo

Earlier this week I decided to venture to the Tanger Outlets in Washington, PA because Chris and I had Mystery Money coupons from Off Fifth. I figured that even in the worst case of us both only getting $10, $20 off any two purchases would make it worthwhile. We indeed got the smallest mystery amount but everything in the store that is not on clearance is an additional 25% off. And the clearance selection is pretty decent. I personally didn't like the fit of anything I tried. But I spotted some cute things.

For example, you can get a DVF wrap dress for around $60 after the clearance discount (plus mystery money can bring down the price further). I saw a few Nanette Lepore dresses, some Tibi tops, and some MBMJ dresses that would have been around $40 or less.

Normally this would have meant I walked out with major clothing haulage. But I am trying, after years of sale-goggle purchasing to only buy stuff that I love and that fills a gap in my wardrobe. This process of consumption curbing is partially inspired by what I've been reading on the fantastic blog, The Year of Nothing New. It is written by another Anthro and DVF lover who is managing her enthusiasm for shopping with a year of abstinence.

Although I am not personally abstaining, it is inspiring to read her blog along with all the participants in Kim from Anthroholic's Shopping Ban/Shop Your Closet Challenge. With my coupon I did end up buying a set of Nambe crystal bud vases for the house.

I have bad luck with glass vases and seem to break anything that isn't very sturdy. So I consider this purchase to be a good one since this crystal set was on major clearance. I also find it to be very pretty, like most Nambe pieces. Because I walked out of there without any new clothing or accessories I felt pretty victorious. Chris got two packs of cookies than ran him .50 after the coupon!

Soon after, Chris was driving in Squirrel Hill and the car overheated. Long story short, a week after I spent a small fortune on car repairs, the car is back in the shop. And I am glad I have been curbing my consumption because that means I have more emergency funds and more savings. But still. :(

So much for couches and cameras until we figure out what is wrong and how expensive the repair will be!


Tien said...

 Ugh, so sorry, Jess!  I do not miss having a car at times like that, but they sure are convenient.  I hope things will not be too expensive to fix, and everything will be back to going smoothly again!

I haven't been shopping either, and the funny thing is, I don't really have any desire.  My overflowing closet and lack of hangers tell me there is no space, and there is so much I haven't worn more than a handful of times.  Like you, I'm also keeping my eyes on the bigger things, and just trying to save up in general.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

 Thank you for the sympathy, Tien!

Yeah my wishlist for Anthro is the smallest it has ever been so I am barely curious about the upcoming tag sale as a result. This article that I read the other day definitely put things into perspective for me:

Raquelita said...

 I love(d) me a sale, but I've been on GAAD since January 1, and it has really changed the way I look at and feel about consumption entirely.  I tried to replace an old worn out item recently (which is allowable), but I could find nothing that fit perfectly and seemed worth the price.  A few months ago I would have purchased  at least one of the items and a few others that would have caught my eye during the process, but now I walk out empty handed knowing that I can live and even be happy without.

Sorry to read about the car!

thatdamngreendress said...

Oh no- ongoing car troubles suck- it's such a money sink (and shouldn't be- remember when cars were all run on basic mechanics that people could manage themselves?  grrr)

This is a great article- I love the Guardian for printing such an in-depth excerpt.  I still shop too much (I blame it on my thrifting background) but I think internet shopping has made me able to be much more selective.  I live in a major city, but we don't have a lot between fast fashion and designer labels.  I do try to frequent local designers where possible (Covet, Eve Gravel, Valerie Dumaine, Comrags)- most important for me is the attention to materials.  I will pay more for natural materials that hang better and endure longer!

Which is why I buy so much vintage- I wish there was more such attention to detail in today's fashions.  At least people are wearing dresses again...

On the other hand, $40 MBMJ- damn!

Laura Martin said...

So sorry to hear about the car troubles. I know the feeling.  I went into the rotors on my front brakes.  Yikes!  I was looking forward to camera debates.

Allie said...

 Oh no, I hate car trouble, I hope it doesn't throw you guys for too much of a loop. Thanks for sharing the Year of Nothing New blog, I really could use some discipline in the consumption area as well.


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