November 05, 2011

End of the day OOTD

J. Crew top
Anthro skirt
Spanx tights
Rosegold Liz booties

It is often the case that I don't have time to snap quick photos of my outfit when I arrive to work. But the reality is that it's far more honest to show you how disheveled and wrinkled things get by the end of my longer days of teaching. After seeing this linen blend skirt in the above photos, I seriously considered bringing my portable steamer to keep in the office. Although, generally I do not recommend steaming clothes while you are wearing them, as doing so has led to more than one painful moment in the midst of my own rushed laziness. Still I liked this outfit for its subtle fall-appropriate neutrals, and in spite of the wrinkles.


CC said...

You look great and not at all disheveled!  I love those booties. 

thatdamngreendress said...

Great combination, especially with the little bits of shiny here and there- I love the colours.  I know what you mean about rumpled, since any photos I take will inevitable be at the end of the day, but I think the wrinkling here just looks like the nature of the fabric so why fight it!

Great hair.  of course.


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