January 17, 2012

Connect Forty Dress Review

Since it got marked down today, it seems like a good time to finally post this overdue review of Bailey 44's Connect Forty Dress. I tried this on the day after Christmas (when I had just eaten three Christmas dinners) so the practice of trying on such a squeezy dress seemed ill-advised. But I had just come from the Saks sale, where I bought the Pieced Column dress (which is now available at Anthro in a very similar though still not quite the same colorway) so I wasn't totally opposed to tight dresses or Bailey 44. I grabbed it because I loved the green color, the wiggle shape, and the unique length (which I think could stand to be an inch or two shorter on me). This is a size medium and it fit snugly (especially through my stomach and hips). But perhaps it is supposed to? I still wonder if a size large would have been more forgiving. With Spanx or other appropriate shapewear either size would probably look better. But the smoke and mirrors effect of the strategically staggered stripes is missing from this one. You see every curve with ease because the pattern is so uniform. The fabric is nice and much more substantial than that of the Tiered Stripes/Pieced Column/Layered Column family (speaking of, I just noticed the newest iteration featuring thicker, supersized stripes: Rugby Stripe Column). It seems very winter-friendly because it is thicker and warmer. But it is not a dress I will be buying myself.

For the complete sale roundup, which includes a number of sweaters I've long coveted (but still find to be overpriced) check out Roxy's full list.


carol_prettythings said...

Hmm...your repeated mentions of all the Pieced Column Dress-type dresses makes me feel like I really should go try it on. I'm generally really shy of dresses that are body conscious of my lower half, so I've avoided it 'til now, but I see what you're saying about the smoke and mirrors effect of the staggered stripes. Haha, because you know, I need another dress to be obsessing over right now... ;)

Jess said...

I love the color combination of the connect forty dress, but I don't think it would work for me. The new rugby dress looks like it might be a better idea though. Thanks for sharing :)

Cynthia said...

I am so getting that pieced rugby stripe dress as soon as I can get my hands on one.  I passed on this dress too though.  It's just not as flattering.

Terri said...

This dress would look fantastic on you--at this length with the precisely right pair of heels.

Rose said...

I reviewed the exact same dress.


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