August 20, 2012

Slanted and bumpy stripes OOTD

When I saw the Slanted Layers top in Anthropologie stores, it was after it already made it to a temporary sale. I liked the length and hoped that the pattern could trick the eye enough to flatter an increasingly visible pregnant belly. I tried it on (in large) and it seemed great as a maternity top. Very stretchy, long enough to not require constant fussing, and more attractive than the majority of legit maternity tops I had tried recently. I bought one for the discounted price and have been very pleased with the purchase. I wear it a lot and although it doesn't hide my bump (which would be hard to do at this point) it emphasizes it in what I hope is an inoffensive manner.

I wore this to go shopping with my mom and sister. They hadn't seen me for a few weeks so it was fun to debut a bigger belly. To follow the progress of my belly, you can browse the week by week section of my pregnancy blog.

Anthropologie Slanted Layers top
Gap "always skinny" cropped maternity jeans (not so cropped on me, somehow; btw, that name... ugh)
Coach flats
Kate Spade Daycation Bon Shopper in NYC street map print
Kors watch; MBMJ bracelet


SilicoSquid42 said...

Rebecca Lately said...

I think that top looks adorable now and will look just as good later, when your belly is bigger.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thanks so much! I hope you are right.


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