August 30, 2013

Another Kate Spade Shirtdress

The new term has started and I feel like I barely had a summer break. I held it hostage with dissertation work and the conclusion of my doctoral degree. But I have no regrets. I just wish there were a few more days of down time... For those of you in academia, good luck with the beginnings of the fall term!!

I bought this Kate Spade dress as a birthday present to myself last April. I don't know the style name but know that it was offered in the above print and an adorable tiny owl one (in a bright goldenrod yellow). I found it on ebay, new with tags and it seemed like it had the potential to be cut similarly to one of my old favorites that still fits my postpartum, breastfeeding bustline. When I got it, it was indeed cut similarly. But to my disappointment it was made of a different kind of silk fabric. I was hoping that the silk of this dress would have the same matte finish and a tiny bit of give (which as been key to ensuring I don't need to always pin buttons closed to prevent "boob gap") like my old favorite. As a person who is otherwise clueless about textiles, I will say that this dress is the standard silky silk that is pretty but stretch-less and too delicate to pin. I solve the issue with a cardigan when I'm in the classroom.

As an aside, I am bummed that so few Kate Spade dress offerings of late have been sleeved shirt dresses. Not that I would ever buy full price but I do enjoy stalking sales. I'm relegated to ebay if I want something from this brand.  Relatedly, I feel so in the habit of dressing to breastfeed these days that I'm still on the hunt for many button front "dresses that got away." They include a few from Anthropologie like the Dagmar Shirt Dress and the Tiny Windows Dress. If you have either in a 10 and want to part with them, let me know!

I also wanted to give a heads up to anyone who found this blog by searching "pregnant and Anthropologie," that a very stylish Anthrophile, Kristin of Lovely Adipae is in the family way and it suits her beautifully! She is sporting a lot of Anthropologie and looks fantastic while doing so. Check it out!

Outfit details:
Kate Spade dress (old)
Gap factory cardigan
Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats
Simply Vera tote bag pictured in final photo


mark a. said...

wow! you look very pretty in this dress!

zyzzyva said...

Oh you look lovely!
I really wish they'd release this dress again in new patterns (an in cotton or a blend). I have the mustard owl one you mentioned (though had to alter it as it seemed to run a bit big through the shoulders) and while the silk is on the substantial side, it is still delicate for everyday wear.
I actually love the Calista style shirtdress even more. I have it in the Tutti Frutti spot pattern and love the little pleat details.
Maybe the lack of shirtdresses (particularly w/ sleeves) is another side effect of KS skewing younger these days...? Sad.

thatdamngreendress said...

Ah, it is a treat to see you in a classic Kate Spade print...I love the size of those blooms!
Have you seen the lovely new blue and white Sketchbook shirt dress at Anthro? Button-up, and sleeved, and I think the bodice is all shirred too, for extra stretch! I hope it lives up to my expectations...

Thehauteprofessor said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! I'm enjoying reading about your style/professor life! I am a professor as well and just recently started a blog myself ( I am looking forward to reading your blog! Best wishes for a wonderful semester!

CC said...

Both of those look great on you!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Oh wow! Thank you for commenting and for introducing me to your blog! I read through it on my phone (my go-to way of reading blogs anymore) and really enjoyed it!

I will add you to my blogroll! Good luck with the term!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you! Ooh I LOVE that dress! I hadn't yet seen it but it does seem perfect. Good reviews too! Thanks for the heads up. It is on my wishlist now.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you! I too am so baffled by the turn KS has taken with styles that just seem... like the kind of thing I would have worn when I couldn't really afford to buy KS. Not that I don't only buy on sale now, but still! Haha

I love the Calista! That does look perfect. I wonder if that is the style name of my carnation print black and white KS dress? I can't remember the style name but I want it in every color. I love the tutti fruity print! So fun! You have the best dress collection ever. I would seriously love to comb through your closet. Hope you are well!!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you!


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