October 02, 2013

Quick Fall OOTD

I realize it has become blogger requisite to gush about the best of all the seasons. I too can't help rejoicing when I can break out my opaque tights, layers, and wool fabrics. I wore this ensemble to campus one day and to meet a friend for lunch on another. We met at Social in Bakery Square, so I decided to stop by Anthropologie and see if they had the sketchbook shirt dress in my size. They did not, sadly. I tried on what was there and still loved it but had to run before I could inquire about ordering the correct size, as (after being super pleasant and awesome during lunch) Emilia was turning quickly into a pumpkin.

After the 15% off promo the other weekend, I almost bought it but shipping would have basically ate up the discount. So it looks like I'm going to wait for a sale. A review will follow soon!

Emilia's fall wardrobe is super cute and I've enjoyed shopping for her as much if not more so than I used to enjoy shopping for myself.

Heads up that Bloomingdales Friends and Family is on. You can get 20% off most things. Happy shopping! 

On me:
See by Chloé dress
Streets Ahead bow belt
Ferragamo Varina flats
Spanx tights
Kors watch; Yurman necklace

On her:
Outfit 1: Carters tunic; Tea Collection leggings; Tommy Hilfiger shoe socks 
Outfit 2: Mini Boden corduroy pinnie; Baby gap onesie;  Gymboree tights; Koala Baby shoes


the dea diaries said...

Jess, you look great! It's refreshing to see you still keeping up with your interests, like catching up with friends and checking out Anthro. Emilia is just too cute for words and I have to agree that shopping for your little one has become more fun than shopping for myself :) Who would have thunk it?!

Dana said...

I thought I recognized you at the Covered Bridge Festival! My husband and kids and I were playing in the playground as well and you can totally see my husbands shoe in the picture. LOL. It's been forever since I blogged or really caught up with the blogs I read. Good to see you are keeping up :)

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you, Dea! I hope you are feeling well. I had fun shopping for baby while baby was still cooking and it became even more n

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

That is too funny! What a small world. Your family was so adorable and it was fun to see your little ones having such a blast on the swings. Give me a heads up if you return to blogging!


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