September 19, 2010

Brief Meeting Blazer Review

I've been on the hunt for the right professorial jacket/sportcoat and although I am leaning toward the Alma Mater jacket, I am not yet convinced. So the hunt continues. It might be sold out on the website but the Brief Meeting Blazer was available in my local store this week so I was excited to see why people were clamoring to buy this one. It unabashedly drew inspiration from a much more expensive Elizabeth and James blazer that I missed out on when it was for sale. See reviews from Effortless Anthrpologie here and Goldenmeans here.

The jacket fit on the smaller side of things. I tried a 10 and it pulled a little at the bust. The fabric was pretty soft but not stretchy. Light enough to wear in fall but the dark navy color made it winter appropriate. Quality wise, it didn't strike me as any nicer than something you could find Banana Republic or Ann Taylor Loft. The design of it must be enough to make it sell out before sale time. I have it wishlisted in case it makes it to sale in stores but am going to let this one go for full price.


Desert Flower said...

I like it too but not enough to pay full price. It does look like I won't get a chance to pick it up on sale which may be good because I almost feel like it's a bit gimmicky with the rouched sleeves and the way it partially buttons.

A Stylized Hysteria said...

Wow, it is just like the E&J version! I absolutely love it, but from your description it sounds like it's not worth the money.

At this rate, just wait for the modcloth version. :D

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Desert Flower, yeah the gimmicks make it less timeless and less capable of being worn frequently without being noticed.

A Stylized Hysteria, lol! Yeah at that point I ALWAYS wait for the Forever 21 version cause MC's quality is equiv, despite their inflated prices.

Anonymous said...


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triciathomas said...

I like the blazer, it's a little $ but maybe when it hits sale!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

I agree, Tricia!!

Lori said...

lol, I feel so ridic. I didn't know I wasn't supposed to button the blazer all the way down, so I thought the blazer looked silly on me, lol. But I agree with you that the quality wasn't out of the park or anything.


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