November 22, 2010

See by Chloé Mandala Dress

My wardrobe has an excess of printed dresses. There is no reason why a reasonable thoughtful person would need so many superfluous things. So I am going to blame the lonesome blues on my decision to nab this Mandala Print See by Chloé dress on a much nicer sale than its listed price. After it sank in that Chris would be researching for a few months in a place very inconvenient for me to visit on the weekend (unlike when I was researching in DC, for example) I allowed the emotional, irrational aspects of consumer ideology to take over. That speaks to the lure of the consumer fix as well as the weakness of my own character when I was feeling mopey. I had no intention to keep this dress. Above I was *just* trying it on (you can see the wrinkles from its transit in a box) but later that day I decided to wear it to dinner at Salt and to a party. So in doing so I have apparently decided to keep it. Although I used the balance in my Paypal account to pay for it, and it felt like I wasn't spending anything technically, still. This is self-indulgent. And so near to the holiday season! I already decided what I will do to balance it out in the universe. I really intended to be frugal this season when it came to myself. I will blog about that how thankful I am to also be able to consume less self-indulgently in a few days.


Aibrean said...

This dress looks fantastic on you! I wouldn't have returned it either, but that may be because I'm allowing myself to buy some additions to my wardrobe as well!

NRC♥ said...

That dress looks lovely on you, I wouldn't have had the heart to return it either lol!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you Aibrean! I really like it but I definitely feel like it was overly indulgent to keep.

NRC, thanks so much!


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