October 31, 2010

Halloween Parade Outfit

My favorite neighborhood night of the year is the annual Bloomfield Halloween Parade. It is the city of Pittsburgh's largest night time parade and a total blast for all ages. Though I watch from the sidelines and haven't sported a costume myself, I usually try to dress in a way that evokes the spirit of Halloween. This year I wore a See by Chloé medallion print dress that has muted hues of brown, orange, red, and yellow. The dress is kind of short so I layered a slip underneath and wore opaque black tights. It was cold so I added a cardigan and wore a leather hoodie.

I was hardly prepared for Halloween season this year. I didn't decorate the exterior of my home, other than putting out some pumpkins. I didn't have time to visit the pumpkin patch which I count among my favorite yearly family traditions. I barely thought about a costume. And I am lucky to have remembered to pick up candy to distribute to trick or treaters. Things are so hectic right now that my favorite time of year is flying past me. I am sure things will feel calmer soon enough. In the meanwhile, Happy Halloween everyone!

October 29, 2010

Anna Sui Hippie Drug Rug Dress

I got this on ebay a while back for less than the price of an Anna Sui for Target dress, on sale. And I wonder if I had Sui Goggles? It is kind of... boho but also kind of... drug rug.

The material is burlap-like. And the embroidery seems better suited for a Phish concert than teaching. Still I wore it because when you get dressed at 6 am after going to bed at 2, any garment that is quick and easy to wear makes sense to you. What do you think? I am guessing this was from the 90s. And I'm kind of ok with that.

October 28, 2010

Urban Outfitters Haul

I am not sure what it is about this season's clothing offerings but I find myself wanting for very little. This is a wonderful thing because typically, (since fall clothes are my favorite) I find myself waist deep in wishlists of items to sale stalk. Perhaps the lure of new has waned after a few months of conscious consumption constriction? I think it might have.

Having said that, I haven't been completely haul-free... This week, thanks to a heads up from the gals on Fashionism.org, I learned that there were some current Urban Outfitters coupon codes that were secretly stackable. TEENVOGUE offered 20% off non sale items and DAWNOFTHEDEAL took another $25 off $75. If you filled your card strategically, you could get 45% off an order. I did just that when I purchased the above items. Although I am concerned about the fit of the dress and its general frump factor, I really adore it and hope it works on me. It's online only so trying it on beforehand wasn't possible. And the tights (which I ordered in black) were on my wishlist for months and months! If you want to stack the codes for yourself, follow the instructions here. Remember Ebates yields another 2.5% in cash back.

October 26, 2010

Outfitted for Class

A spate of cold mornings left me eager to pull out the warm cashmere cardigans and tights. I wore this to school last week. The dress is Nanette Lepore "You'll Be Mine," with Nine West shoes, a Cece cardigan, and a trench from Anthropologie.

October 25, 2010

Weekend Layers

I wore this to a new little burger joint, aptly named Brgr. Although the onion rings and the embarrassingly named button buster burger were to die for, my favorite part of the meal was my boozey salted caramel milkshake. I can't wait to return but for the sake of my arteries I am going to give it a while.

The jeweled top is from Rene Dehry in St. Barths. The skirt is from Off Fifth. I put my Casch Copenhagan cardigan over top.

October 24, 2010

Pittsburghers: Clothing Swap Alert!

For Pittsburgh area readers, an event is impending that benefits a great cause and provides an opportunity for clothes-hunting and do-gooding. The Redd Up Thread Up is a new kind of clothing swap that promises to be very organized and exciting. The money and items raised by the event will benefit the Women's Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh. WYEP is co-presenting the event which will occur in their space on November 6th, from 12-5pm. To learn about donation times and instructions, please go here.

October 22, 2010

What I Wore on Wear Purple Wednesday

I was glad to see my colleagues over at Fashionable Academics sporting purple on Wednesday. I wasn't organized enough to share my purple outfit the day I wore it, but I along with a group of students were spotted around campus wearing their purple-finest in support and solidarity with GLBTQ teens and adolescents and in remembrance of the bullied and marginalized teens who took their own lives due to homophobia, intolerance, and alienation. I was heartened by those I saw sporting purple but sad to see too few of us. Perhaps it was just not as publicized an event as it could have been around my neck of the academic woods? 

Yesterday I was meeting friends for a drink over happy hour and overheard someone making a homophobic joke. I wasn't sure of what to do in the circumstance. Normally I would have called the stranger out and probably been thought to be an outspoken humorless curse word (with no hesitation) but it was timed simultaneously with the arrival of my friends so I attempted to temper my scowl and respond instead to my friends the enthusiasm I felt. In doing so I quickly suppressed the anger and frustration I felt toward the jerks and forgot about it until the day following. Part of why I was so surprised by the remark was that I was in a progressive business that is supportive and sensitive to GLBTQ issues. When I remembered what happened I felt especially guilty about my silence considering it was only one day after I had worn proudly my purple dress. What should I have done?

October 21, 2010

Fall themed Chloé OOTN

I bought this many seasons old Chloé dress on ebay a while back, anticipating that I'd wear it for the rehearsal dinner. A fall wedding deserved a fall themed dress as I saw it. But I ended up finding something a little more glam (which you can see here). So this dress hung in my closet, neglected. Although I packed for DC in a rush, I managed to remember to grab this one. And I ended up wearing it on our fancy honeymoon (part 1) date to Jaleo.  I paired it with some tights and jeweled flats by Miu Miu.

October 20, 2010

Capitol Outfits

On Sunday, the day after the wedding, we had our nearest and dearest over to our house for a brunch. I didn't have a lot of time between checking out of the Renaissance Hotel, unpacking all my things, having a bunch of people over, and throwing together an overnight bag for DC. I packed pretty quickly on Sunday afternoon, after our relatives left. And I realized once I got there that I forgot basic plain pieces to mix and match with the printed pieces I grabbed. Instead I had to mix my prints. So the above is one concoction. The cardigan is Marc by Marc Jacobs, the dress is a nightgown from Anthropologie. The shoes are Miu Miu. And the bag is a new-to-me map print drawstring sling bag from ebay.

After we left the Brazilian consulate we decided to go for a bit of a walk. We ended up passing the headquarters of the American Association of University Women. I really regret not visiting them last year when I was officially one of their fellows. But it was fun to get my photo in front after the fact.

And here is another outfit hodge-podge with cords from Old Navy and an American Apparel top.  Speck and I are posing by my former abode in Georgetown (where I got to pretend to be a far fancier gal than my economic reality allows thanks to a very generous friend and his family).

I feel like I've been hitting the weather jackpot lately. And DC was no exception! Though it has cooled down significantly since then.

October 19, 2010

Wheeling away down the road of life

Chris and I didn't ride any bicycles built for two during our brief honeymoon (part 1) but I did wear this Two Wheeler bike print dress a lot. I tried not to make much of a fuss about honeymooning because it was kind of last minute and brief from necessity. I had to get back to work. I don't really have the time for a big trip until December so that is when we're going somewhere. But we decided to visit DC to eat, drink, do some visa paperwork for honeymoon part 2, and be merry/married. Speck came along because the Hotel Madera (along with all Kimpton Hotels) allows pets with no restrictions. I've come to really adore their hotels for the warm service and quirky decor. Because they caught wind of our wedding, they put us on the top floor in a suite with a balcony. And they greeted us with a bottle of wine and a cheese plate.

While in DC, we ate at Jaleo which was amazing. Our server was the sweetest man who was so enthusiastic about the insane amount of food we ordered. My favorite part of the meal was the squid ink black rice paella with cuttlefish and shrimp. Although we were stuffed (and had to take most of the paella home) we managed to eat the delicious dessert he gave to us in celebration of our matrimony. We also visited the Tacklebox and Two Amy's Pizza. Here's Chris walking Speck around Georgetown and enjoying the delicious Tacklebox spices.

I found myself walking around in a dreamy daze, so soon after the wedding. Everything felt very special and exciting, but I was also perpetually on the verge of emotional overcome. I don't know if I was feeling sad, but I was a little somber. Somber in the sense that nostalgia can feel melancholic. I couldn't (and still can't) stop dreaming about the wedding. It didn't escape my immediate frame of mind at all during the trip. I guess that is to be expected? I don't mean to sound like a Debbie Downer.

In so many ways I am glad the wedding happened. It was wonderful and I am glad it is behind me. But I also felt for it such immense excitement and anticipation. With it behind me, there is a slight void. I never thought I would be among the "post-wedding blues" contingent, and I would never ever describe what I feel as blue. Instead it feels surreal. I already have so much nostalgia for it. And with those pangs of nostalgic longing come the inevitable melancholia. I am happy it is over but I wish I could rewind myself to relive parts that are blurry already in my memory. I can't wait for the video and although I was reluctant to have video, I am grateful that my mom insisted.

Part of me was sad to leave Pittsburgh at all (where some friends were still in town after the wedding, including Robina and her beautiful family). Part of me was sad to spend such little time in DC. I couldn't catch up with DC friends or meet the new members of a few of their families because our time was so limited. We checked in late, were there for about 36 hours, and had to return to the 'burgh. I guess this is one of those times when I can just accept that I have too many feelings (tm Robina). Regardless, this DC trip was a nice memory and a wonderful way to kick off married life.

October 18, 2010

Happy Blogiversary to Anjali of Goldenmeans!

One of my favorite Anthropologie-centric blogs just turned two! In celebration, Anjali of Golden Means is throwing an amazing giveaway on her blog of three very hefty Anthropologie giftcards. Be sure to check it out!

October 16, 2010

Shopping My Closet For Fall: Inspiration Board

I really like so many of the pieces here:

Although the wedding is behind me I still intend to avoid any spendthrift inclinations. I have a closet full of things I already adore. I can tell how much I still adore these items when I find myself gravitating toward new pieces that feel similar.

Anthropologie's Chocolate and Coffee Coat synthesized with the Crowley Coat reminds me of my Marc by Marc Jacobs number from years back.

The Dusk Ruffles Coat from Anthropologie looks not unlike my Tibi Ruffle Coat from last year.

And the Cym and Ripple Coat reminds me of my full skirted coats. Alice + Olivia on the left and Plenty by Tracy Reese (Elimovna) on the right.

I have a few dresses that remind me of the above. And I already have previous season versions or similar likeness bags and shoes. When I wander around a store looking for something special, I keep thinking of what I have. This is probably a much healthier approach to consumption than my previous spate of repeat buying. But it means I have been leaving more and more stores empty handed. That's probably a good thing too. 


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