January 28, 2011

Anthropologie Favorites Collage

Roxy of Effortless Anthropologie posed an interesting question to her readers this week. She asked them to share with her their favorite pieces from the store. I chose only ones I purchased and left out the ones I regret not buying. But many of mine are from years ago. I am wearing one today! If you want to see the details, please click the photo to enlarge.

I loved reading about what stood out for others. I also loved seeing older photos of pieces I had never seen! It is definitely worth checking out if you are a long time fan of the store.


Becca said...

You chose some great pieces! I love the two paths trench and the two wheeler dress too. Every time I wear those pieces I get tons of comments.

roxyturtle said...

Great pics! This has been both fun for me and kind of sad -- so many great pieces I missed out on!!

dajana, all kinds of lovely said...

Happy Friday J!  I like your collage and am going to try to learn how to use snapfish, too. And to commenter ML - we do have Anthro stores in Canada - in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and my city of Edmonton, Alberta. (:

p.s. I also posted pics of my favs from the past few years. Have a look-see: allkindsoflovely.blogspot.com

M. said...

How did you put that together?

M. said...

How did you put that together?

M. said...

How did you put that together?

M. said...

So sorry for the repeats. No idea how that happened.

ML said...

The red and the yellow definitely pops out for me! Too bad we don't have Anthropologie in Canada!

Stay Happy and Positive!




Jbrettkelly said...

Funny how mustard anything stands out, yet I have never bought the colour...will now reconsider, it looks fabulous. Also love your collage, very clever


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