January 29, 2011

French and Italian (accessories)

There have been some fantastic end of season clearance sales happening lately. Because I have a little mad money (and a nagging addiction to sales), I have been browsing the round racks and websites. I just accepted my first invitation to speak that includes an honorarium (fancy word for stipend). Although I am extremely busy with other projects, trying desperately to finish my dissertation and wrap up my Cultural Studies Association paper for the Division of Culture and War, I accepted. This sort of invitation is counted among my many academic goals.

 Gucci Wedges on major discount from DSW

You see, I have a range of career objectives that span from realistic to entirely absurd. To name a few: "be invited to share your expertise during a segment on NPR," "deliver a ____ ____ inaugural lecture," "donate your 'archives' to a library that actually wants them," "start a scholarship fund for economically disadvantaged women from your home town," "be invited to speak at an event that includes an honorarium," "publish a book (or three)," "actively mentor and advise people who aren't children of PhDs (and are therefore as bewildered by academia as you were/are)," etc. I am sure this probably makes me sound insufferable, (think Tracy Flick) but I promise that many are tongue-in-cheek pipe-dreams. And the rest come from a place of earnestness (think Leslie Knope).

 Balenciaga buckle ballerinas from Barneys final cut sale

Anyway, I was briefly evaluating what I should do with the money. Then I remembered that I already have a few recent buys that I can pretend are my honorarium presents. This allows me to sink that check directly into savings. It makes the most sense, practically. And although I do like these items, I was having trouble justifying them. Although their combined sale price totals don't equal my windfall, their retail values certainly do! 

Michael Kors Calista handbag in Navy, bought with Saks giftcard

BTW and not to sound like an outtake from the talking Malibu Stacy episode of the Simpsons, but (as a humanities scholar) sale math is my favorite genre of everyday math.


Jessica said...

Congrats on the speaking gig! That's really exciting and even better to strike one goal from the list ... although I have a feeling it'll be the first of many to come!

Tien said...

The Guccie wedges are the perfect shade! I love them. I really feel the impulse to go do the sales round, too, but I'm trying hard to not spend any money so I can upgrade my camera and give my brother a nice wedding present

JewishGirl said...

I am mad for those Gucci wedges! Are those teal? I've been saying this everywhere, but I think teal is the new neutral.

Congrats on the honorarium; that is definitely something to check off your list of accomplishments (hopefully you'll get to check this one off again and again).

Carly said...

I also love the Gucci wedges - I think they'll be extremely versatile! The quote "sale math is my favorite genre of everyday math" is great. So true :)

Becca said...

Great stuff! I especially love the Gucci wedges.

Desert Flower said...

Loving the Gucci wedges! All three items are great, wearable for years. The loafers are classic. Good buys!

tastymoog said...

your list of career goals is rather similar to mine!

re: mentoring disadvantaged/underrepresented (in graduate school) students: i was a mcnair scholar. i don't know if there is a branch in pittsburgh, but that would be a great program to get involved with if you had the time. http://mcnairscholars.com/about/

S S said...

Congratulations on achieving one of your goals! And those are totally reasonable goals!


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