August 17, 2012

In plain sight (glasses review)

I've worn glasses since I was in second grade. I remember thinking vividly as an 8 year old that I might be able to detect more crisp letters if the printed text color was inversed (from black on white to white on black) on the reading workbook I strained to see at the front of my class. It is one of my more adorably sad memories of school. Thankfully, a perceptive teacher and a watchful mother (who is also a teacher) noticed my vision struggles before any of my grades suffered. And soon enough I was picking out my first pair of plastic frames from the local optical center. They were a pale pink color and I was amazed by how they improved my ability to view the world around me.

Today the retail landscape for those of us who need vision correction has changed dramatically. We have so many options when we buy glasses and the digital world has opened even more for us. Optical fashion has also ebbed and flowed to reflect broader trends. I am more comfortable wearing slightly oversized "nerdy" eyeglasses than I would have been even ten years previous.

When contacted me about trying their website I was excited for the opportunity. I needed a new pair of back up prescription glasses but my vision insurance for this year was already used toward contacts.

Their process is simple. They offer regular discounted lenses with plenty of rotating promotions and coupons for frames (which you can see here). There is also a refer-a-friend program will give you $30 to use on the site upon purchase made by your referral. You can also browse for the pair you want using their Virtual Mirror feature to "try on" specific frames to see how they will look on your face.

The process of using their site was straight-forward. I got a copy of my glasses prescription from my regular eye doctor, selected the frames I liked most, and inputted the rx info for my pair to be made. Because my vision is particularly poor, I needed thin lenses, which incur an additional fee. But the cost was still very reasonable overall.

The first pair I received was unfortunately an incorrect prescription in the right lens but the returns process was very smooth and the customer service support has been great. They offer a 110% lowest price guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. After confirming the script with me I received a replacement pair of glasses in a few days via DHL. The frames I picked are of a very nice quality, especially for the price. And I am so happy to have a back up pair.

*Glasses USA provided me with a gift card to use on their products in exchange for an honest review of my customer experience.

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