August 17, 2012

My "in denial" and "in reality" back to school wishlists

Anthropologie, See by Chloe, Marc by Marc Jacobs

Just because I am pregnant doesn't mean I have stopped coveting new arrivals from my favorite brands and favorite stores. Of course, it would be silly to shop for such things when I wouldn't be able to wear them. So I have one hypothetical (in denial) wish list and one practical (in reality) wish list to share in anticipation of the fall semester's start. First up, the fun ("in denial") one above. 

Hi there, perfect peter pan collar on a Kate Spade dress!! I also included some old and less old fitting room favorites that I have refrained from buying even though I really love them.

Also, heads up to Yoox fans: Tonight, from 8pm-8am, you can get 10% off all orders with code: AFTERDARK.

And below is my still fun (but less so) "in reality" (i.e. mostly maternity) wish list for back to school:

Old Navy, Everly Grey, Asos, A Pea in the Pod

I think that sticking with mostly simple solid colors and basic shapes will enable me to buy less and repeat more. I am a little nervous about whether the pregnant professorial body will be a distraction or a subject of conversation among my students. I guess I will find out in less than two weeks!

Even if you aren't going "back to school" to work or study, this is often a favorite time of year to begin outfit planning. I always take the time to evaluate what I already have in my closet that might be similar to the items in stores that wow me. If your taste is pretty consistent then you might already have a good substitute for the new garment you want.

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