May 12, 2013

A quick note on motherhood style

I'm only five months in but my mom style is definitely more casual and relaxed than ever. It is more machine washable and separates-focused. I wear a lot of pants these days (sometimes even the ones with elastic waistbands cause... why not?!). My wardrobe is both more comfortable and more stretchy than it was prior to pregnancy and birth. I take more photos in general but less photos of myself (unless they're phone pics). I rarely have time to take head-to-toe outfit photos.

I don't feel like I can dress up as much. But I also don't feel like I have to. I don't have as many dresses that I can wear (at least for now while I am breastfeeding). I don't spend as much time fretting over what to wear or trying on a million things. I don't have as much time to shop or bargain hunt. I don't have as much fun shopping for myself as I do for my little one.

(photo from our NYC trip by Michael or China... the dog is also theirs!)

And I wouldn't have it any other way. Happy Mother's Day to you and yours!

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