December 18, 2010

Twirling in Liane

I wore this dress to the opera a few weeks ago. I saw Donzetti's Lucia di Lammermoor. Its emotions were unrelenting and powerful. I found myself teary and wondering if there would be a smidge of comic relief. There wasn't. But it was an incredible performance at the Benedum. Because it was an afternoon show on a Sunday, I knew that outfits would run the gamut from casual to the nines. I opted for the sixes and was happy with the medium.

A few years ago I became obsessed with this By Malene Birger dress called Liane. Although I was unfamiliar with the designer and sizing, something about the romantic antique floral print really resonated with my girlie but kind of old fashioned aesthetic. When the Outnet marked it 80% off, I pounced. And after some alterations, I am pretty pleased with the dress. Although it doesn't really "flatter" my figure, in that it makes me look sort of potato shaped, I really adore how the dress moves. I can't help by sway my hips a little extra just to perpetuate motion and flow. And when no one is looking it is definitely the best for twirling!


SunnyDay said...

I love the surprise of the back of the dress. Very pretty.

Unknown said...

wow what a gorgeous dress!!! you look absolutely lovely

Brianna said...

beautiful dress!!! I especially love the fullness of the skirt, anything you can twirl in is a winner in my book!


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