June 28, 2012

Melora Dress review

Anthropologie Melora

I tried this beautiful Moulinette Souers dress, called Melora, in a 10 and it fit my thicker-than-usual figure well. Plenty of hip, waist, and bust room! I'd say this runs true and perhaps slightly large to size. I just love the beautiful back detail. It is lined and the back detail might cause some issues for specific types of bras (as you can see in the second detail shot). I appreciate the slightly lower price point for a full price Anthro dress. But I didn't buy it myself. As Roxy pointed out in her review, it is a printed version of the Sweet Enticement dress, available for the same price as Melora. That is good news if you prefer a solid color or are not a fan of bright yellow. Overall I think this dress is a win and would buy it if I was sure it would fit me in the coming weeks. What do you think?


Abby Wener Herlin said...

I love this dress on you! Does it have a zipper or over the head styling. Abby

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you! I was in a hurry when I wrote this so I forgot to include that it has a side zip and in the middle of the zip is an interior button to really secure things. Very nice!

Lauren Cox said...

I bought this dress in solid black in February and got suckered into buying the gold w/ polka dots a few weeks back. I think this dress looks great on so many different body types and the gold is so fun for summer! love loveloveloveloe!


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