July 05, 2012

Bargain Alert for Lovers of Bailey 44 Column Dresses

Tank dresses similar to Anthropologie's Maia Column, and Petite Column dresses

I am not usually one to promote knock-offs but many Anthro-philes have lamented the retail price point, quality, and full-price sellout of Bailey 44's column dresses, available at Anthropologie in various iterations over the last year. Recently, while browsing my Google Reader, I noticed that the lovely and always well-dressed Najeema of A Stylized Hysteria was wearing a maxi dress that looked suspiciously familiar, with its askew, zig-zagging stripes and its potential to flatter a range of figures. In her entry, Najeema mentioned that she found it at TJ Maxx and the brand was Max Studio. I decided to check out my local Marshalls and TJ Maxx to see what was up.

Tank dresses similar to Anthropologie's Ines Column and Scrolled Column Dresses

Although I couldn't track down the exact maxi shown on Najeema (which is a shame because I love the full length of it) I did find striped and lacy tank tops, shorter dresses, and maxi skirts from Max Studio as well as other brands, adopting a very similar aesthetic to Bailey 44's.

 Bailey 44-esque maxi skirt

In my research I found the "real" Column dresses to be made with nicer and thicker fabrics, offering a bit more coverage than these cheaper versions. But all of the discount options I saw (from checking two Marshalls and one TJ Maxx) were available for $19.99-$34.99, making them an undeniable bargain, comparatively speaking. I imagine the simple design elements and the popularity of the column dresses mean we'll be seeing a lot of brands attempting their own versions in the coming months.

If you missed out on the Bailey 44 Column dresses, do you think you will buy one of the bargain options?


Tara_St said...

I actually have one of these dresses from TJ Maxx and I love it. Although the quality isn't the same as the Bailey 44 dresses, it does give a similar look. I also think that TJ Maxx offers a wider array of colors in these dresses. I think Target also had a similar looking tank dress.

Penniless Socialite

A Stylized Hysteria said...

I pop into TJ Maxx and Marshalls constantly and I've never seen another maxi version of the dress! I guess I got lucky? :D

wintersongbird said...

I'm in the pittsburgh area and would love to snag one of these for a wedding. Which area stores did you find them at if you don't mind my asking?

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Ooh thanks for the Target heads up! I grabbed some zig zaggy maxi skirts from Marshall's cause they were stretchy and comfy. I would get a dress too if they were a little longer.

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Lucky girl! I love yours the most of all the pieces I saw! It looks amazing on you!!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Oh these would be very cute for such an occasion! All the photos posted above were taken at the Homestead Waterfront stores (both Marshalls and TJ Maxx) on Tuesday and they had a lot of each color in various sizes so I imagine they're still well stocked. If I remember correctly, TJ Maxx had more tank dresses and Marshalls had more maxi skirts. I also saw some tank dresses at the Greensburg Marshalls (a little further out but possibly convenient depending on your location) last week. Good luck!

Carmen said...

Thank You for the tip. I went to my 2 local Marshalls and one had the sleeveless tank in small grey and navy stripes and a 3/4 sleeve one in navy and whit. You are 100% correct that they are not as well made as the Bailey 44 versions and not nearly as Magical in disgusing any lumps or bumps.
I then went to TJ Maxx is search of the mint striped dress but no luck. I did however find the lace version that is similar to the Ines and I have to say it is a much better knockoff that the striped ones. I own the Scrolled Column Dress in the Blue colorway and the lining is a stretch mesh. The knockoff has a different lining but it has some stretch. I bought the cream lace knockoff, I wish I had found the blue version. By the way the original price on the Max Studio version was $118 so not super cheap either.
The knockoff in lace is good enough that I am considering returning the real Scrolled Lace i bought and using the money to by the Native Birds Dress but I am not sure yet.
So thank you for posting about these dresses!


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