February 25, 2010

A Quiet Blog and an Unquiet Mind

Sorry for my silence. I have been traveling. I have also been juggling a variety of responsibilities and a few higher pressure situations related to the possible trajectories of my career. It has been a busy time of restlessness but it is an exciting time. For any negativity that could be on my horizon (rejections, disappointments, etc.), I remind myself (like now, when I cannot sleep at night) that I have been so fortunate, so far. Even when I am certain things will go wrong, good emerges. I am lucky.

I have more deadlines and travel engagements and high stakes moments that will unfold over the next month so things might be quieter than normal here. They will definitely be less reflective... But I will try to post photos of outfits at least.

Here are some things I wore recently.
Horse print dress from H&M, Purple cashmere sweater from TJ Maxx, Tory Burch Revas, Patterned navy tights from Banana Republic.
On Valentine's Day, a Banana Republic sweater, Juicy Couture bow skirt, Black tights, snow boots from K-Mart, Zara coat.
Zara plaid dress, Design History cardigan from TJ Maxx, Orla Kiely bag. Docs (not shown)
Vince cardigan, Ann Taylor Loft cords, Burberry jeweled flats, LA Made long sleeve tshirt underneath.
A new favorite, Marc by Marc Jacobs Peacock Paisley dress (which has served me well on planes, buses, taxis, and in walking all over unfamiliar terrain). Banana republic tights, Tory Burch shoes.

Thanks for reading!

February 11, 2010

RIP Alexander McQueen

McQueen: My favorite designer that I've never been capable of buying due to finances. It is a tragic loss for fashion and it is always terrible to learn that a mind responsible for producing such innovative, controversial, and often beautiful creations also was the source of such internal darkness and despair. Lives taken voluntarily, and far too soon force an uncanny acknowledgment of the fragility of being.

I hope McQueen finds the peace and calm in death that he did not find in life. I am grateful for his legacy.

February 09, 2010

Snow what

Pittsburgh is blanketed with snow. And city authorities have removed it with most inefficiency. As a result most of the schools, universities, museums, and colleges closed from Saturday (so far) through Wednesday. My street has yet to be plowed. As a result, I had to rely on the kindness of strangers, neighbors, and Chris to push my car out of, then back into its spot. For the first time, I also succumbed to the tyranny of the parking chair. After 2 hours of digging labor, I could not risk the loss.

Friendship Park
 An igloo we found
Speck was uncertain about this snow that hindered her line of vision (since it was taller than her in most areas). 
 My car is the one buried in front of the car that had to park crooked.

February 03, 2010

Seeing Green

This time of year I should perhaps be wearing red, but instead I am gravitating toward muted hues of green, olive, and deep kelly. Perhaps I have Spring on the brain?

I wore this Diane von Furstenberg Nadine dress in large rose showers on Monday.
The photo on the left is this week. The photo on the right was a few years ago, the week I bought the dress on sale from Shopbop.

Although I've been pretty true to my resolution to buy less, I was already shopping the Mike and Chris sale at Revolve Clothing's invitation-only outlet website, Reverse Reverse, so I picked up this interesting silk dress with a bubble hem.
The large signature Mike and Chris buttons permit some customization in how it is worn. You can better see the details in the professional model shots.
I don't have anything similar in this color or style family. And I think I will be able to wear it to a variety of occasions.

What colors are you wearing to battle the winter blues? 

February 02, 2010

Kell on Earth's Breakout Star: Andrew the Goth, Grunge, Glam, Gay Man!

I decided to set my DVR to record Bravo's new show about Kelly Cutrone's New York-based public relations firm that services the fashion industry, Kell on Earth. And I learned that similarly to The Rachel Zoe Project, these shows are often worth viewing for the tertiary side characters alone. Take her assistant, Andrew:
His enthusiasm and approach to stress will provide the comic relief and keep me watching.

After finding this video in which he takes the cameras through his enviable closet, I am even more excited to see what he will wear and say this season.

Anyone else tune in? I loved his Balenciaga bag and his Rick Owens collection!


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