May 28, 2010

Fitting Room Reviews from Off Fifth Pittsburgh

I'll be back later today or tomorrow with a full review of the store, but for now I wanted to share some of the things I tried on.  Although I wasn't in the market for dresses, I couldn't resist grabbing a few to try on, so I could check out the facilities and dressing room situation at the new store. Things were busy, especially for the middle of the afternoon on a weekday! But more on that later. I was put in the larger, disability-accessible room and felt guilty for how much I appreciated the extra space! I went back later and was put into a perfectly sized regular room so it is good to know all the rooms are well lit, with plenty of space to back up and take in what a piece of clothing looks like on you.
This adorable, springlike, ruffley tiered, Marc by Marc Jacobs cotton dress (available in two colorways) was priced at $160-something, so after coupons it would have been closer to $100 but still more than that. This is an 8 which was surprisingly narrow in the hips. It reminded me a little of the Akebia dress by Moulinette Souers from Anthropologie.
This blousey, drapey, printed silk dress by Rebecca Taylor (similar here) was so cool looking on the hanger but didn't translate to my body. I grabbed a size 8 but needed a 10 so the pockets would sit flat. They had no 10 which is fine because it was priced around $150, I think. 
Apologies for the blurry photo. This purple, beaded Catherine Malandrino shift (similar here and here) was a size 8 and gorgeous on the hanger. The proportions were not cut right for my own body but it would make a great party dress! It was the priciest thing I tried on but the beadwork was really something.
I loved this ruffled wrap dress with a graphic print by Ali Ro (similar here). I took a size 10 but the length, combined with the subtly scalloped petals of the wrap at the hemline, combined with the knowledge of my luck in windy conditions were enough to scare me out of buying it. I don't recall the price but think I worked out the math to have it be around $100 or below with coupons.

The store had a ton of Tibi, a decent amount of MBMJ, no Nanette Lepore, only the disappointing leftovers of recent DVF collections, and a great cocktail dress selection. I know we are past prom season but I would have gone here for a kicky knee length formal dress in a heartbeat, were I of age to need one. More about shoes, men's, bags, and accessories in a bit.

May 27, 2010

OOTDinner: MBMJ Liza dress from 2007

I've had this Marc by Marc Jacobs Liza dress since fall 2007. I wore it last night to dinner with friends. The restaurant a/c was on so I had my denim jacket over top. I have considered taking it to the tailor to get the poof taken out of the sleeves because I love the print but the poofy sleeves combine with my bustline with less than positive results. I also have this dress in a red/maroon/fuchsia colorway so I would have the tailor fix the sleeves on both. What do you think? Here it is in 2007 the first time I wore it. I wish it was less sweltering here, or I would have styled it similarly again.
MBMJ bag, shoes, and dress. Hue tights.

May 26, 2010

More Off Fifth Info For Pittsburgh Area Shoppers: UPDATES and CORRECTIONS

ETA: The Pittsburgh Off Fifth at Tanger is not participating in the  company-wide BOGO or 40% off clearance deals in the photo below. :( 

In addition to the grand opening coupons I posted earlier, they are  doing an in-store mystery money promotion for those who sign up for the More+! card, this weekend. Mine was a measly $5 off which came out to less money off than 5% would have yielded. :( x2

Lastly, if you are signed up to be on the Saks mailing list, you might receive a 30% off any one item coupon in your postal mailbox. I got mine *after* I got home, yesterday. :( x3
Off Fifth is having a few Memorial Day Weekend Promotions. Above is info on in-store deals. Anyone from Pittsburgh going on opening day?

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale: Some Anthropologie and Anthro Similar Finds

Today began the Nordstrom Half Yearly sale and although I am not in the market for anything, I perused the site to see what was included and while doing so, I saw a few things I wanted to share.

Anthropologie isn't the only company who was inspired by Burberry's tiered trench coat to produce the Two Paths coat by Idra. Guess! made one too. The inspiration is far less literal than Idra's, but the tiers are there. And it comes in purple or silver.And the Shibori silk dress by Leifsdottir is included in the sale.

BTW, Kim from Anthroholic is hosting a giveaway here. Check it out! You could win a cute bow purse.

Black Dressing on a Hot Evening

Wore this to my friends' house in Highland Park for happy hour to wish them bon voyage for the summer, then to a late dinner at the Brillobox. When Chris saw me he was also wearing all black, yet he still managed to ask, "Who died?" The lightweight cotton of this dress was all I could bear to wear on such a hot day. So I accessorized instead of layering. Later on in the evening, Chris asked, "Where's the funeral?"

Theory dress (from Bloomingdales) (similar here and here)
Marc by Marc Jacobs captoe mary jane flats (from yoox) (similar here and here)
Marc Jacobs quilted Blake bag (from a bag swap on TPF) (similar here, here, and here)
Swatch oversized watch (from the Swatch store in the Pittsburgh airport) (similar here and here)
Rosette necklace (gifted to me from friends for the holidays) (similar here and here)
Flower bracelet (gifted to me from my Mom) (similar here)
Anthropologie crystal initial necklace (similar here)
I can believe the wild weather swings lately. I hate dressing to beat the heat.

May 25, 2010

Missing the Size Mark on this See by Chloe dress

A while back, when Chick Downtown had a retail store in Pittsburgh, I tried on this adorable but too-small See by Chloe dress that I discovered was a size 2. So no wonder it was too small!
The really weird thing was, it kind of almost fit. That *should* have clued me in that I would not need my usual size in this particular dress, once I found it for a reasonable price from Yoox. But it didn't.
My usual size 8 is billowy and the sleeves poof like no other!
Back it goes which is a shame because it is extremely well made. Fully lined, beautifully printed, fine silk. I can't even make it work with a cardigan.
And I am left feeling as particular and picky as Goldilocks!

Pittsburgh Off Fifth Update! Opening on Thursday: Bring These Coupons!

It is official. The Off Fifth in Washington, PA's Tanger Outlets opens at 9 am on Thursday, May 27th. Here are some coupons for exclusive store use between then and June 8th.
Although I haven't found any yet, it is also possible that there will be specific Memorial Day weekend coupons for all Off Fifth Store Locations. In the meanwhile, for those unfamiliar with the Saks Fifth Avenue Outlet, you might also want to consider signing up on your first visit for the More! Rewards Card. Sign up form available here.
This card usually means an additional 5% or so off and it ensures you will be emailed coupons if you select to be on the mailing list.

May 24, 2010

One year later: Anna Sui Printed Skirt

This time last year I was living in DC, wrapping up archival research toward my dissertation as a Smithsonian predoctoral fellow at the National Museum of American History. On top of the amazing support I received from the Smithsonian Institution, I was also fortunate to live in a friend's parents' home in Georgetown. This allowed for lots of window and actual shopping after my research day wrapped. Living walking distance from an Anthropologie was pretty fantastic. It was so easy to try on lots of stuff. And the Georgetown store is perhaps the nicest I've ever visited! This Anna Sui for Anthro skirt was one of my sale buys and I wore it often.
Black cardigan from Macys
Anna Sui for Anthropologie printed skirt (Similar here and here)
Old navy tshirt
Tory Burch Lee Lee flats (similar here)
Hue tights
How I wore it last year:

The weather has been so confusing. At some points it is cold due to rain, then you will have hour or so long blips of insufferably heat and humidity when the sun comes out.  But this skirt is great because the cotton is super light and airy. And I really love the print so I find myself reaching for it with nostalgia for my research travels.

May 23, 2010

Horses and Brunch

I wore this less than flattering H&M dress for brunch, dog walking, and to dinner at a friend's house. I got this one from the clearance rack years ago. I loved its print in part because of the Chloé collection featuring horses. But I knew when i first saw the dress that the shape would be very potato like on me. Despite this, when it went on major discount, I snatched it up and wear it whenever I want an easy comfortable look. Despite the long sleeves it is super lightweight so I often sport it on humid days like those we've had recently in pittsburgh.
H&M horse print babydoll dress (similar babydoll dress here; horse print shorts here)
Tory Burch Lee Lee flats (similar here)
Detail of the print above.

May 22, 2010

Yay or Nay: Anthropologie Grand Cru dress

 Edited to add: I am selling the dress as I have not yet worn it.

Along with many others, I became enamored with the mixed materials and look of Burlapp's Bold Boutonnière dress from Anthropologie. And I found myself reaching for it often this spring. It yielded compliments everywhere I wore it from strangers and friends alike. And not just passing, "what a pretty dress," compliments, but "omg where is that from?!" style compliments. It made me wish I had found the dress in the black colorway on sale too. So I turned to ebay as I often do to hopefully find a deal. But there were no Bold Boutonnières to be found. I did find another similar dress also from Burlapp called the Grand Cru. I remember it was from the Holiday 09/10 collection. I had a coupon and paypal balance that paid for it. And it arrived quickly. But I feel really ambivalent about this dress. I am not sure if it is the different mix of materials or the fabric they used for the gold waistband, but regardless, I need some advice. It doesn't have the magic of the original, in my opinion. So should I Keep or Sell?

May 21, 2010

Gabriel Brothers Haul

Although I didn't manage to find any Anthropologie duds for cheap, this time around (and I suspect that is due to the litany of ebay price gougers I see with SWPA locations of origin), I did find a few cute things for very cheap!
These studded bangle bracelets were $1.99 each and were overstock from the Gap (I think). I bought one in each available color: burgundy, purple, and black.

Underneath is a stack of clearanced Jack Spade notepads that I will either use or gift away. I love Gabriel Brothers!

No OOTD for now... I was cleaning and writing all day and am about to go to a baseball game so my attire isn't floral or post-worthy.

May 20, 2010

Dirndl Flowers: Floral Week Day 4!

I bought this dress from Anthropologie by Maeve a few years ago. I always loved how the shape was evocative of a dirndl but the print reminded me of a grandmother's drapery.
Maeve flower dress from Anthropologie (similar here)
Marc by Marc Jacobs captoe flats (similar here and here)
I wore this on a dog walk and to the Farmer's Market that just started back up, only a block away from my home! I bought a flat of flowers, some asparagus, wheat pita, and a few baked goods from the church who owns the parking lot where the market is held. Like the klutz I am, trying to navigate crossing the street with a leased dog and an open box of cupcakes iced too tall to close the container proved disastrous. The wind picked up and took the box with it. Thankfully, I caught everything except the one baked good designated as mine. Hopefully the birds or the squirrels will enjoy the icing mound I left for them!

Happy Have a Cute Day Floral Week!

May 19, 2010

Big Florals: See by Chloe Rosette Dress

I find myself wishing every week was a themed dressing week so that getting dressed would always be so easy. Thanks to the ladies at Have a Cute Day for declaring Floral Week! There were a million things I wanted to wear today but I had a meeting for which I dressed fairly staid out of necessity. Despite this, I had these photos of this Outnet supersale dress that I ordered and returned because it is not a good fit.
See by Chloe Rosette Dress (similar here)
Marc by Marc Jacobs captoe mary jane pumps (similar here and here)
I have grown so fond of the See by Chloe prints and quirky details. I don't think I've been this enamored of a line since I first got into MBMJ years ago. Though not all of the dresses are easy to find (at least for me since no brick and mortar stores in the Pittsburgh area carry it as far as I know), they are usually worth the hunt. In the hunt I also have taken risks with online purchases, when knowledge of how a specific garment fits and its quality are unknown variables.  I've had some luck with ebay but that is even larger a gamble because I don't have the option to return. I loved this dress for its bright colors. Unfortunately, it is not the most flattering shape but I think the details are great.
And a closeup of the shoes:
Despite my meeting, I got to wear florals once I got home. And although I haven't had time for photos yet, I will take some and post them tomorrow. Happy Floral Week!


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