May 16, 2011

Anthro-centric OOTD and avoiding closet obsolescence

Two Wheeler Shirtdress
Cartography Cardigan
Miu Miu flats

I wore this outfit to celebrate a belated Mother's Day with my family this weekend. I saw my mother on the Saturday of Mother's Day weekend but because my brother was working on May 8th, she decided to postpone things. It was important to her that all the kids could be together. It felt sad that I didn't get to hug her on the actual day but I did get celebrate and hug with Chris's mom and stepmom. Yesterday was pretty chilly but I still decided to go bare legged. Today the high is in the low 50s so bare legs aren't an option.

When I bought the Two Wheeler dress by Porridge I knew about its weird fit issues. If I wanted the dress to hug my waist the sleeves were going to be too tiny to button. It's bizarre but I guess I have meatier limbs than Porridge imagined. haha This means I often wear it layered if I don't choose to use my hair-tie button-extending solution (wherein I take a thin elastic hair tie, loop it around the button, thread through the hole, then hook).

I didn't buy anything this weekend which I consider to be a victory. I was in two malls and a Gabriel Brothers. When I browse the stores I often gravitate toward items that are facsimiles of what I already possess. I suppose this affirms consistency in my tastes. But it also can lead to a lot of superfluous shopping. On multiple occasions, I end up buying duplicates, backups, and/or stuff that foresees an eventual (conscious or subconscious) obsolescence. I already wrote about how I purchase in multiples (which I am trying to avoid because it can get a bit hoarder-y) and dress with monogamy (which is a good thing because it brings down cost per wear). But I will soon compile a list that evidences instances of planned and unplanned obsolescence in my wardrobe. I think it will be a good reminder about how silly it is to buy without purpose.

I have been coveting Kate Spade's Violetta dress for some time now, but its color similarities to the Two Wheeler have stopped me from purchasing. Even with this knowledge, a nagging consumer impulse has lingered. I considered selling the Two Wheeeler to replace it with the Kate Spade until I reasoned that my lifestyle is one where cotton makes more sense than silk. This weekend I pulled out the dress in part to remind myself that I have a perfectly cute blue shirtdress (so I need to stop hypothetically shopping by filling up my cart at that ritual can transition to literal shopping pretty quickly!). In light of my car repairs, the similarities should be plenty fuel to curb any impulses. Layering this with the map printed cardi isn't at all clever or new. I wore it almost the exact same way last September.

Do you have any tricks or tips that gently remind that nagging inner consumer when the things you covet replicate what you already own?


Tricia Mickelsen Thomas said...

 I love the pattern mixing here it's so cute!!!

Thirteenlbs said...

I am trying a one in, one out policy recently (except with accessories). So far it's easy: I have a few cheapie polyester pieces that never should have graced my closet in the first place.  But when all the yucky stuff gets weeded out, I don't know! 

I don't do many multiples but I DO love to shop. 


thatdamngreendress said...

what is it about you two ladies?  I have such a hard time getting disqus to load for me (literally I think it's just on 13's blog and on yours Jess!)

So I reply....
And I am no help- I have gone through long periods where I have been able to strongly oppose buying new dresses that recall another too closely...but right now not so much!  Personally, I find the 2 dresses are kinda different and I would probably justify getting the Violetta too.  heh.  but then I might just be drooling vicariously over Kate Spade loveliness...

Kristin said...

This is a great combo.  I have the same problem with the sleeves on my two-wheeler dress.  One of my friends suggested just cutting the button and the little button loop off - that way it just looks like the sleeves were made with a cut-out.  


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