January 12, 2011

Monday Monday OOTD

J.Crew sweater
Old Navy tshirt underneath
Anthropologie skirt
Spanx tights
Nine West shoes
Necklace from Chris; Swatch watch

I wore this ensemble to campus on Monday. The velvet button skirt (from Elevensies) hasn't seen the light of day for ages because frankly, it is at least two sizes too big. It gaps a ton at the waist and generally poofs all over (I am kind of smooshing down the poof in the photos). I haven't bothered to get it tailored and I have no excuse other than laziness. I might change that soon because I really like the fabric, print, and shape otherwise. The skirt came from Anthropologie but I bought it off ebay a few years ago. It was at least a size too big then.

You can see a closeup of the print here (with one half of a pair of Joie boots I bought and returned).


Unknown said...

oooh love the skirt! what a lovely print

SunnyDay said...

That necklace is gorgeous.

About Last Weekend said...

Hi there,
Nice to meet you. You look wonderful. Love the close up of all the fabrics - so interesting and the shoes which you took back.

Jana said...

I like your blog! I’m following it.
Have a nice day!

Jana :-)

Tippy said...

Is that an MJ coat in the last picture? The color and design remind me of Marc Jacobs, either way, it looks like a super cute coat!!!

Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed said...

Thank you Rosa, Desert Flower, About Last Weekend, and Jana!

Tippy, It is indeed. The Domino coat from a year or so ago. You can see a full shot of it here.


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