September 30, 2011

Belt crazy

J Crew cardigan and top
Anthro skirt and belt
Chloé flats

I belted another cardigan. This isn't even a look I normally wear because of the adjustments and fuss required. But last month I bought two thin belts on sale, that actually seem to stay in place, and now I can't seem to stop. One of the reasons why I've been doing it is because of how it changes the proportions of a look. I am a bit short waisted and I am generally just short. So cardigans are often a bit longer on me than I might like, especially if I am wearing them over a dress or skirt. The belt emphasizes a waist that might otherwise get obscured in an outfit. But I feel overly fussy when I do it. And by the time I am done for the day, about to commute home, the first thing to go is the belt. 

September 28, 2011

See by Chloé Fit Guidance

I get a lot of emails about the fits of my favorite brands so I thought it would be helpful to share some fit guidance. With so many bloggers covering Anthropologie, there remains a lack of information on the designers that aren't carried there but that offer similarly unique and pretty options.

Last month I talked about my experience with Kate Spade Dresses. This month I wanted to share some info on See by Chloé. Both brands make really cute clothes in my opinion, and both are pretty hard to find where I live. I haven't been able to locate much sizing information beyond the occasional garment measurements posted on ebay. So I hope this helps all my fellow ebay addicts and online sale stalkers make informed purchase decisions.

See by Chloé is the diffusion line of Chloé, the iconic French fashion house. Although the price points can be a little obscene at full retail, with patience and savvy you can score major deals through ebay, with stackable coupons on, or by being a swift sale shopping at Saks, Neiman Marcus, Shopbop, or Outnet. Yoox also is another great spot to score past season pieces at more manageable prices, especially during their end of season clearance. And all of the above (save for ebay) have relatively favorable return policies too. I tend not to buy SbC from flash sale sites because so many of them only offer site credit if something doesn't fit. I don't like feeling limited in that way and frankly I don't find the SbC prices on Gilt, RueLaLa, Ideeli, etc. to be as low as other venues.

As well, the fit of See by Chloé dresses can be really unpredictable. Often sizing changes widely with different fabrications, silhouettes, and seasons. My own trials and errors follow.

from winter or spring 2009, white tag era
runs large, size down

I bought this dress twice from Yoox because the size I thought I needed ended up being too large. On the right is a size 8. On the left is a 6. It is fully lined and 100% silk. There are pockets and blousey sleeves. This style runs big, especially in the pink colorway so bear that in mind should you locate it via ebay.

from spring 2008 (brown tag era)
runs large, size down

The silk printed dress is unlined with an exaggerated batwing sleeve. I admit that when you have a larger bust, this kind of sleeve probably does little to "flatter" in the traditional sense. I liked the print too much to care. The style is cut larger so you can size up or down. I am wearing a size 8 and belt or layer with cardigans to make it a little less billowy. It has ample room in the bust, waist, and hips so you can size down if you prefer.

spring 2009 white tag era
true to size, size up for length

This linen dress is so pretty and I've seen it pop up on ebay with some regularity. I am wearing an 8 but wish I had bought the 10 for added length. The sleeves button and are cut slim at the closure. It is unlined and 100% linen so I always wear a slip underneath. The elastic panel at the bust and the pleating give this dress structure, making it viable to size up and not sacrifice a tailored look.

spring 2009, white tag
true to size, size up for hips (lining issue)

The above "Trail Print dress" has a lining that is cut very narrow through the hips, making the appearance of the outside seem blousier and more forgiving than it is in actuality on the body. This is a cotton dress so it is versatile for all seasons and easy to launder at home (still I only hand wash, line dry). Solid color versions are made of a substantial silk blend fabric and come unlined, without the same hip issues of the cotton version. Printed versions of this dress require sizing up for ample hips or dealing with spanx. The above is an 8 but I tried the 10 and it fit similarly with slightly more hip room in the lining.

pre-fall 2010, white tag era
true to size, size up for hips (lining issue)

You will encounter the same slim cut lining and the same misleadingly flowy outer shape with the "Medallion Print dress."  I am wearing an 8 but like the trail print, I'm sure the 10 would have had more room in the lining. Size up or wear squeezy hosiery. Also if you like this print but aren't a fan of the shape, it came in other silhouettes.

winter 2007?, brown tag
runs large, size down

This wool tent dress has a relaxed fit with careful pleats and argyle-patterned seaming. The fabric is thick on this one adding some warmth and a little bulk. One could pull of a range of sizes and have it still work. I am wearing a 6 which fits well in the shoulders and bust. It has pockets and slightly puffed sleeves. Another ebay find!

pre-fall 2008, white tag
can size up or down (shape is meant to be free)

The Landscape Print dress was in high demand when it first came out. I loved it but waited patiently and a 12 popped up on ebay for 75% off retail. It's a little oversized but I don't mind that. The great thing about its forgiving shape is it works for a range of sizes. I don't imagine a significant difference between the 8, 10, and 12. The length is probably longer the higher up in size you go. It is silk, unlined, and very thin (almost sheer) so I tend to wear a slip with it. It has pockets, billowy 3/4 length sleeves, and a zip back. Because the dress is cut with a flowy, tent shape. I either layer it, belt it, or wear it to a buffet dinner.

fall 2007, brown tag era
true to size, can size up for length or down for slimmer fit

This older medallion print dress was one I coveted for ages. The peter pan collar and vintage inspired print were too cool. I tried on an 8 at Filene's Basement (left) but it sold out before I could catch a sale. An 8 was what I probably needed, fit-wise. On the right I am wearing smaller size that I scored on ebay for cheap. It is missing the size tag but I'm guessing it is a 6 or maybe a 4. The smaller size is way short so I layer it but the forgiving shape means you can track down a range of sizes.

spring 2010, white tag era
true to size, can size up or down also

This paisley silk print came in a variety of shapes and styles (one of which I wore yesterday that is fully lined and more structured than this style). I bought the tent dress on sale with multiple coupons from Bloomingdales. It is unlined and has pockets. I am wearing an 8 but  I tried on another colorway in sizes 6 and 10. There was minimal difference (with small but perhaps mentionable changes in length and at the hips). A 12 would have been fine too. This print was also available with a gray background instead of ivory.

fall 2010, white tag era
runs slightly large but true to size, possible to size down

This patchwork dress was perhaps my favorite dress purchase of last winter. I coveted it desperately and couldn't find it anywhere after the second cut sales. Saved by ebay yet again! I got it for less than the second cut sale price, NWT. I would love to find its sister dress for a reasonable price at some point. But in the meanwhile I am happy to have this one. I am wearing an 8 but the cut is quite generous through the torso and in the hips and waist. The sleeves are cut to be tailored but I still think sizing down is possible for most. The above fabric is a thick textured wool blend. But the print also was offered in silk.

I admit that I am a deal hunter and a lot of times that means buying without trying it on. No stores in my immediate area seem to carry this brand with regularity so I take chances. It doesn't always work out but if I have enough information I can usually save myself from hassles and make smart decisions. I hope this helps other fans of SbC!

September 27, 2011

See by Chloe for lunch

See by Chloé dress (75% off from yoox)
J. Crew factory celosa cardigan (still on sale with extra 30% off coupon code)
Anthropologie belt
Chloé peep toe pumps

I wore this outfit to lunch with a friend. And I will probably repeat it for campus soon too. For me, different audiences means the freedom to repeat without revision. It might be boring to some but when I find a combination that I like enough, I often repeat in quick succession. Look ma, no tights! It's been too hot to wear them and that is fine.

September 25, 2011

Weekend buys

Mrs. Roper Tory Burch maxi dress
Similar here and here

Although I've not been shopping much, there are a few things that tempted me enough to bite. Consuming strategically still poses its challenges. For deal hunters and shopaholics alike, just about any purchase can be rationalized. I admire those who have managed to abstain fully from consumerism (like The Year of Nothing New). But making do or doing without can be easier said than done!

I have been trying my best to limit the impact of sale goggles. I've avoided the kind of shopping that is basically meandering (less temptation). And I've not had time to scour my favorite websites to glimpse all the pretty fall fashions. Still, end of season clearances make now a great time to buy a bathing suit or a summer dress. Because I have a trip planned for December (that will yield the opportunity to wear summery clothes) I sniped the above maxi dress by Tory Burch on ebay and I bought a new swimsuit on clearance from 

Rachel Comey Barbaro Deluxe 
Similar Comeys but with triple buckles here

I also wanted a new pair of booties for fall. I have suede ankle boots by Rosegold that I wore all the time last winter. Regular leather will be even more versatile for Pittsburgh. I tracked down a pair I loved and for a price I could swallow. The current season Rachel Comey Barbaros were out of my budget at retail, but I found these studded Deluxe booties gently used. I am really happy with these purchases!

September 23, 2011

Tippi for fall

Anna Sui Dress
Chie Mihara Lumi flats

I wore this out to the Brillobox the other night when it was 50-some degrees. When I bought the Tippi dress I planned to ignore its minty spring color and wear it often, in the lead up to Halloween. That process has already begun.

September 21, 2011

Bronwen Dress Review

The last time I was in Anthropologie I gravitated toward the unique and pretty print of the Bronwen Dress. On the hanger, I thought the shape might be flattering even though I was concerned about a midi length on 5'3" me. I grabbed a size 8 and headed to the dressing room. As you can see in the second photo it is cut large all over but especially up top. The length and shape looked like an utter mess. And I could  not believe the price tag ($200+!). The flowy 70s vibe of this dress is cool but for the price and for the fit, no thanks.

For more reviews from the Anthopologie community, be sure to read Roxy's roundup

My Anthro wishlist is ever dwindling and I find myself less and less enamored with the price points.  Maybe the new fall releases will regenerate my enthusiasm but right now, I'm only excited about the shoes and accessories.

September 19, 2011

A little bit country

 Old Navy dress
Linea Pelle belt and double wrap leather bracelet
Miu Miu jeweled flats
Anthro necklace

I wore the above denim (chambray) dress from Old Navy to campus on Thursday. I worried it was a little short for my personal comfort zone so I paired it with tights (as it was brisk that day!). I promise that I haven't already retreated to security blanket hosiery for good this year. But I must admit that I was glad to not have to worry about inner thigh chub rub, having perfectly smooth legs, and somehow masking the constant shin bruises I tend to accrue from being clumsy.

This outfit felt countrified and that is no surprise, considering my recent social calendar. On Saturday Chris and I went to the North Side to celebrate Johnny Cash Day, which is an annual event at the Elks Lodge where local bands and musicians come together to cover Johnny Cash songs for charity. (I wore a plaid Reed Shirtdress and fit right in but got no photos, sadly!). It is something we support every year and have a great time doing so. In preparation for it and to honor September 11th, two of our friends dj'd a classic country night, that Sunday at the Brillobox. All of these events had me feeling particularly American and reaching for classic shirtdress shapes.

Finally, I want to encourage everyone to read the reflections on Mascarade, which is authored by one of the administrators from Fashionism (the forum where Anjali of Golden Means, Kim of Anthroholic, myself, and many others first encountered the dishonest, manipulative behaviors that led to Anthrogate).  I know many of us were wary when we saw the launch of the personal shopping business and some of the members of Fashionism tried to issue warnings by commenting and publishing blog posts. In retrospect I wish I had done more myself but none of us could predict how widespread her services would be used and how much money she would access due to the trust her readers placed in her. Furthermore, as the Mascarade points out, many of us hoped she had learned from getting caught doing this on a much smaller scale a year ago.

September 18, 2011

What does it say about my taste level...

(photo from yahoo. Dress by Balenciaga)

...that I thought the best dressed person at the Emmy's was someone who is probably at most 13 years old (the adorable and talented Kiernan Shipka from Mad Men)?

September 16, 2011

Roundup of links worth reading

I wanted to encourage people who are still shocked and still interested in the Anthroholic Scam Scandal to read intelligent contributions by bloggers who are offering analysis, reflection, confession, and suggestion.

Carly of Strawberry Heels Forever is from Canada (so she was more tempted to use Kim's services due to shipping costs when ordering directly from US retailers) and she knew first hand the maneuvers and runaround that Kim gave to bide herself time (and let the timeline for filing paypal dispute/claims processes expire). So did Anthropologiesque, unfortunately. And I'm sure by now everyone is familiar with the frustrations In Pursuit of Hippyness shared that helped crystallize how lengthy these transactions could take.

Being a recently degreed lawyer, Jewish Girl weighs in with some a fantastic analytical perspective while providing a comprehensive synopsis of everything that unfolded over the last few days. Her suggestions for moving forward are spot on, particularly the one about reconsidering the function (and import) of constructive critique.

Dea of Dea Diaries raises the really important point that part of why this happened is through the perpetuation of an internal hierarchy based on blogger popularity. I agree and also add (to reiterate Jewish Girl) that the intense moderation of legitimately constructive, critical,  red-flag raising comments was fierce on Anthroholic's blog. This led to a culture of silence because if victims couldn't issue their complaints on the owner's blog AND they didn't feel comfortable sharing negative experiences on other blogs (because of Kim's popularity leading to fear of ruffling feathers) then no one else was warned.

Roxy is hosting a great discussion about finances, blogging, budgeting, and shopping at Effortless Anthropologie that has a lot of people (myself included) sharing in the comments.

Little Girl Big Closet is speaking bravely and candidly about shopping addiction and personal struggles with with oniomania, which has generated productive discussion too. She also shares her own experiences (multiple and including positive and negative transactions) with Kim's personal shopping service. Similarly to Dea, Tara's words raise a significant question about popularity, power, and hierarchy in the blogosphere. How do we rebuild trust in one another while maintaining some policing mechanism to prevent this from happening again? When can we speak up even if it is about a beloved and popular member of the community?

Edited to add that Anjali of Goldenmeans shares her thoughts on why she was not that surprised or shocked that Kim did this. Instead, because she knew Kim's longer pre-blog history she's left feeling sickened and sad. I too knew Kim before she started her popular blog. I also knew this history making me unsurprised by Kim's actions. Both of us are confused that she didn't learn the lesson when she did this on a much smaller scale and was caught. Facing criminal charges and larceny will be a lot harder to brush under a rug.

The Mascarade also belongs to the forum mentioned by Anjali where all of us are members. She is weighing in on Kim's previous deceptions to members of the community. And she reminds us that many forum members tried to issue warnings to the community a year ago.

And finally, weighing in with some much needed levity are the hilarious ladies of Looks Good From the Back

Are there others? These were the ones on my radar but feel free to share yours or share more.

September 15, 2011

Meditations on a Scandal

It has been a complicated, crazy week in the world of Anthro-blogging. When the story broke on Get Off My Internets, then trickled to other blogs and websites, eventually leading Roxy to issue a very useful list of best practices to avoid being scammed on Effortless Anthropologie, I (frankly) was busy with non-blog responsibilities. The very stuff that enables my consumption by providing me with stable employ was making it hard for me to keep up with this rapidly unfolding situation. What was probably for the best as a little distance was really helpful.

But I look forward to participating in Roxy's upcoming post about financial circumstances and consumerism/blogging. I believe this entire ordeal has the makings of a teachable moment: To make sure we don't get in over our heads. To try to avoid getting carried away or defining ourselves by material goods. To make sure we think through out consumerism. I think many of us are guilty of substituting shopping for therapy, or shopping for reward, or shopping for hobbies. Don't get me wrong. Fashion is a legitimate interest. Style is a worthwhile hobby. Those who say otherwise perpetuate misogynist ideas inadvertently when they accept without thought other "spectator" sports. But when interests in style and fashion couple with gratuitous consumerism and materialism, sacrificing time spent with loved ones, forging meaningful connections, spending and saving in a balanced way, etc... when it gets harder to find ways to bond digitally that are less about fawning compliments or closet curation and more about deep intellectual exchanges... THAT's when we reach dangerous territory.

This is not an accusation. I do not mean to sound like I am speaking about any individual who is involved in this scandal. On the contrary, I think many of us are left reflecting about meaning. What is the meaning of our things? Why do we gravitate toward those things? Where is the line drawn and when have we gone too far? If anything this moment can be one where we take more seriously and less for granted our desires to consume and the roots of our desires. The ideology of consumerism and the promise of the consumer fix are powerful drugs. I think anyone who blogs their shopping habits and enjoys living vicariously can empathize with the potential for getting carried away, for going overboard, for letting things own us rather than the other way around. Why not use these moments of reflection to step back from unthinking consumption and evaluation the mechanisms, culturally, socially, personally, financially, etc. that perpetuate a nagging drive for more.

When there are scandals and when someone is caught red handed many will respond with self-righteousness and indignance or worse (as Roxy has hinted) the unscathed will still seek vengeance like an angry mob. The concerns of those scammed are legitimate and they should be handled by professionals and authorities. For those of us who are mere spectators dealing with the aftershock, why not seize this moment for contemplation and self-critique? After all much like the ideology of consumerism, self righteousness can be a hell of a drug.

Thank you to the people who have emailed and direct messaged me offering their appreciation for the comment I made in response to Kim's apology on Effortless Anthropologie. I still believe in the transformative power of the truth and the potential for forgiveness. And I hope this situation doesn't jade us, but rather make us smarter, more cautious, and more learned.

Wear the Shift!

Another article is up on CBS/ This one spotlights the Pittsburgh-based, fashionable startup Wear the Shift!

September 14, 2011

Another day, another outfit

Tibi skirt (from Outnet)
Sinequanone ruffle top
Chloé padlock flats (from ebay; similar here)

Things are so hectic with the new semester and my own research/writing schedule that I hardly had time to notice that this was a big week for shopping! Between Missoni for Target (I stopped in on my way home from work yesterday to find a series of empty racks and shelves) and the Anthropologie first/second/third cuts I imagine many pocketbooks are lighter! In keeping with my plans for an austere fall, I will only shop vicariously via Google Reader and my friends. Did you buy anything?

September 12, 2011

Faculty Event Outfit: Back to School

Babergh dress (Anthro 2010)
Marc Jacobs Stam Hobo
Chie Mihara t-strap pumps

Starfish cuff and bag detail shot

Every year the campus hosts an annual dinner to usher in the new semester. All the faculty and staff are invited and it is a great occasion for dressing up. I wanted to wear something special and something I hadn't recently worn so I pulled out my Babergh Dress from last year. It had just the right amount of sparkle mixed with an uncommonly figure-hugging silhouette. I was inspired by how I felt wearing a pencil shape the other week (blogged here). Branching out is fun! I gave and received many compliments that night. It was novel and great to see everyone wearing fancy clothes! We clean up well. I only wish I had some shots of me with my colleagues or Chris who was my very dapper date. Sadly I forgot to bring out my camera til the very end of the night after I got home.

September 10, 2011

Conscious Consumption and Late Adoption: My New Tablet

My love for deals is well documented. Sale goggles have dictated purchasing habits in the past. And the other week, when HP announced that they were discontinuing and subsequently discounting their Touchpad tablet, I scrambled to buy two of them (one for me and one for Chris cause he's a far bigger gadget junkie than me). Two of them cost me less than half the price of one Ipad (which is a gadget I have coveted since its release). The main reason I wanted one for so long was so I would have something a bit larger than my iphone to occupy my time in airports and on airplanes. I hate fumbling around with my laptop because it feels risky when you are as clumsy as me. Although WebOs is essentially a dead platform, I am confident that someday I should be able to port Android onto this tablet. And for now I really like WebOs. I also have my iphone for apps unavailable on Touchpad.

In my generalized research I study media and the history of communication technologies. So in many ways it is important that I stay literate and capable with gadgets that are newer. My grad student budget stalled the process of adopting a tablet considerably (as well as the recognition that I had no pressing need for such a device). When I do acquire new means of mediated communication, I enjoy thinking through its history and the potential obsolescences it creates among older, more established media. Long ago I told myself that if I was to acquire a tablet (assuming it would be an ipad) that I would buy a self-conscious cover. Well thankfully the Touchpad knocked off the dimensions of Ipad 1. I think it's just shy of one millimeter of difference in thickness which isn't a big deal for most covers (to be clear the Touchpad is slightly thicker). The openings and buttons are in similar spots. And there are far more interesting accessories options for ipad than for touchpad.

I found these lovely vintage book covers about a day too late. By then I had already settled on (and ordered via ebay at 50% off) a newspaper classifieds print cover from Kate Spade that matched my tote bag. Note that you can find this cover in the outlets too (which take phone orders and ship for a reasonable rate of $5). I love print journalism and subscribe to home delivery. For me a tablet doesn't make newspapers obsolete. But my friends that work in print journalism live with some suspicion and anxiety about the future of their publications. This cover will keep me mindful.

September 08, 2011

New "Toy"

Waving goodbye to my once-trusty Ford Focus.

Despite all evidential blurriness and my desire for overall blog improvement, I have placed an indefinite hold on my search for a nicer camera. It is not that I don't aim to someday develop new skills in the realm of photography. But at the present moment, I just don't have the time or (frankly) the spare mad money. Last month (when faced with even more car troubles and repair bills) I traded in my beloved 11-year-old vehicle for something new.

If you consider only the numbers (and factor in average depreciating value upon leaving a dealership), a new car is hardly a wise investment. I toiled all summer long about when and whether to buy new or used. Currently, used car prices are inflated and in high demand (for many reasons, such as public anxiety over economic recovery/growth as well as the longer-term constraint on potential supply via last year's Cash for Clunkers program). I weighed my options: considering the potential risk of unknown when buying used, factoring my own priorities and desires for a safer vehicle to facilitate  weekly commutes, valuing potential financing promotions available (to those who have qualifying credit ratings) with the purchase of new vehicles, and thinking about the time/research involved in hunting for the right used car. Ultimately, I was able to negotiate the price of a 2011 Honda Civic that had all of my desired bells and whistles. This is my first legit new car purchase ever. And so far I have no regrets.

When it comes to my closet I am a big believer in lowering cost per wear, maximizing versatility and longevity, and retaining value. While the evidence of price depreciation was convincing, I wanted the security of a warranty and I knew that I valued the price per use as well as my own peace of mind. New-ish used cars were so costly that I found myself considering new instead. My mom is a master car shopper and negotiator so I have to thank her for accompanying me and advising me along the way. Although this consumption is entirely unrelated to outfits/my closet it seemed too monumental and large a purchase to leave out of the conversation. Tomorrow I'll share my other new "toy"* (which is probably the last thing I'll buy for a while) and hope to hone my skills at creative repeats/remixes til the holiday sale season.

*for the record, I'm not down with trivializing something so costly by calling it a toy and hoped my long-winded, serious diatribe conveyed the irony of my title.

September 07, 2011

Teaching Outfit

Kate Spade Violette Dress
MBMJ pumps
Journal Bon Shopper tote (Similar here, though I love this map version!)

I wore this Kate Spade dress on my second day of teaching for the new semester. I'm glad I was able to track it down via ebay because I coveted it for some time. Although there was a sample sale on this week, I didn't place any orders. I indulged plenty during last month's outlet excursions!

The nice thing about my (admittedly vain) blogging habit is that when I get lazy about assembling outfits I can always look to what I wore this time last year for inspiration. Don't get me wrong. Part of what I love about a stocked closet is coming up with new and interesting combinations of well-loved pieces. But on some days there's just no reason to reinvent the wheel. This Thursday will probably be one of those days. :)

BTW, there's a coupon code that saves $50 off a purchase of $250 (sale items included but sample sales excluded) on I think it is valid until the end of September! 

September 06, 2011

Tupelo Dress Review

Lately the offerings at Anthropologie haven't moved my mountains. But I loved the saturated blue and gold print of the Tupelo dress on so many (reviewed by Roxy and Laura, for example). So when I was in the store the other day I grabbed a size 8 to try. It was a little roomy in the waist and hips. The stretchy back panel meant that in the bust I could likely fit a 6 as well as the 8 (and possibly the 10). I like the length. The side pockets are a nice bonus. The outer layer is silk and the lining is polyester. The pleating detail at the waist is flattering. Overall this is a very cute dress. Although I do like this one, I am going to skip it for now. I have plenty of dresses and am doing my best to curb my consumption (although I haven't posted about it yet I recently purchased a new vehicle).

I look forward to seeing how the Anthro blogosphere styles this pretty print for fall! I think it will be amazing with a deep wine or cranberry colored cardigan, or some cognac knee high boots and tights. What do you think?

September 05, 2011

Workers of the world

Kate Spade dress, belt, and bag
Nordstrom cardi

The above left is what I wore for my first day of teaching this semester. I included the photo on the left because you can better see the details of the dress.

On this Labor Day I am grateful to all the brave workers who fought, went on strike, risked their jobs, and in some cases (particularly not far from here, in Homestead, PA) risked their lives for tenable working conditions, age restrictions that protect minors, lunch and bathroom breaks, overtime, paid time off, the 40 hour work week, the 8 hour work day, equal pay for equal work, non-discrimination policies in hiring and promotion, the right to organize/collectively bargain, fringe benefits, and so much more. I'm the proud daughter of a union member. Happy Labor Day to all!

September 04, 2011

End of summer wedding

The other week Chris and I attended the wedding of two friends. We bonded with Katie and Rob years ago over our love for local sports teams (specifically the Buccos and Pitt Panthers). And we've been hanging around each other since. They had a really beautiful soirée in a rustic barn space they secured in North Park. The content of their ceremony was so moving, as it emphasized the significance of their dedication and commitment to one another even before they became engaged. The officiant talked about how for them, marriage would not change things drastically. At least not in their day to day.

This was something with which I really identified. In so many ways* being married didn't/doesn't feel that different. While they were exchanging their vows (both of which included references to their beloved Pittsburgh Pirates) Chris squeezed my hand while tears of joy for the happy couple streamed down my face. Thank goodness for waterproof mascara! We had a great time on an exceptionally beautiful summer evening. And we wish Katie and Rob a lifetime of happiness!

I wore the purple Bold Boutonnière. And while I was there, I ran into Tara who was also sporting an  Anthro dress. If you squint a little you can almost see it through the horrific blur. Photography is not a strong suit of me or my partner.

Tara runs an etsy shop called Daffodil Vintage. Be sure to check it out!

I hope your last weekend of Summer is fantastic!

*A caveat to clarify that this statement does not intend to minimize the value of the tax policies and laws (not to mention potential rights to spousal benefits) afforded only to heterosexual married couples at the federal level and within the state of PA. Those benefits do produce beneficial change for couples and they're nothing to sneeze at. I look forward to the day when marriage equality is a reality in this nation.


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